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The Real Deal About Fair Trade


This is part one of ten in a Q&A dealing with the facts and fallacies behind ‘Fair Trade Coffee’ vs ‘Third Wave Coffee’. It seeks to inform the public by providing information and defining exactly what ‘socially responsible and sustainable coffee’ actually is…. where does it come from, who farms it, who sells it, who buys the coffee… it is a conversation about what’s in your cup: a community or a corporate commodity. Leave a Comment

Drink Responsibly Fun Video

I don’t really think this video needs too much of a comment other than to say we were having a bit of fun with the Roast House Coffee folk on New Year’s Eve.

Be warned, we have three sequels lined up.. it seems not all of those ‘drinkers’ heeded our advice and have thus suffered the consequences. Gee, and I thought being roasted till you were a skeleton was bad enough!