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Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?

Animated Whiteboard Videos – Why Are They White Hot?
You’ve seen them, those scribbler videos that somehow always seem to grab your attention. They feature a real hand holding a marker or pen which is drawing something on a whiteboard (hence the name whiteboard videos), and you’re inexplicably captured by whatever message is being conveyed.  The ratio of viewers clicking out of these types of videos is very, very, low.  You can determine that from various types of software that monitors and scores user engagement.  Here’s a definition of this type of video that may prove useful:

whiteboard animated explainer video
It’s almost a surreal experience, the captivation, intrigue and suspense that is the nature of these whiteboard videos. And, no surprise, these explainer videos (as they are also called) are now such a hot trend on the internet you’re likely to see them cropping up in more places for a variety of uses.  I’ve even seen them on the big screen featured in commercials before the movie I went to see begins to play.  The production costs for those are very expensive because all the art work is original and custom designed.  This, however, does not mean that you cannot use this production style and still hold the costs down by employing images already drawn.

growth cartoon animated video queen of blog
Those neuroscientists sure know what they’re doing…
Ever since the dawn of man, humans have been drawn to motion. Like cats watching mice or birds, the programmed so deeply within our brain, the instinct will never dissipate. Animation videos take advantage of this instinct by literally almost grabbing hold of the viewer’s attention when the hand with the marker appears on screen. That element goes double for the animated person that begins to speak or the drawing comes alive like a cartoon character and begins a conversation with you by asking you questions that you find yourself mentally responding too!  Getting that mix, just right is what filmmakers know as ‘screen time’.

Dropping one of the balls should not happen…

Good screen-time means that while you are watching the hand either draw, write text and or move images on and off screen, you must have a good mix of these actions so that the viewer can listen to what the voice over is saying, it must be paced so that they are able to take it in, then be able to enjoy the sound effects and or music which must be an element that must not interfere with the over all message of the whiteboard or explainer video.

The viewer must be given time and space to think and engage, respond or interact to what’s on the screen.  If they don’t have this, they’ll either exit by clicking out of the video or continue watching having dropped a ball or two which will mean that the sales tools failed to yield a ‘buy’.  In other words, the rhythm and space you’ve allocated in the video does not easily engage and sustain that to the satisfying end.  The juggling required to comprehend and act on the video sales tool will be almost exclusively set on that simple rule – ‘screen time’. The basic features of these types of quick draw or explainer videos, are an entertaining message that engages the intellect and emotions into a marriage of convenience so that the final delivery is satisfying.  That’s what makes a sale.

explainer whiteboard animated video
SEO savvy videos that have evolved from cartoon technology…
Cartoons date back to a century ago. They were a form of entertainment that is still used today, and are acknowledged, accepted and recognized by every segment of the population. SEO savvy videos take cartoon technology to a new level by utilizing them for various purposes such as explaining a product or service, marketing it,  or certain company or product training and development.
And even better, research shows that this new whiteboard technology grabs the viewer’s attention quickly, maintains it, prompts the viewer to take action, and perhaps best of all, keeps the video’s message implanted in their mind. These explainer videos or whiteboard video production works because, in general, people are tired of static images and boring old ad copy. They want to be entertained, they want to be wowed, they want to feel like a kid again by watching the hand create charming bubble letters and people out of what seems like thin air. Plus, these videos uniquely and ingenuously use the two earliest forms of communication: hand drawn imagery and the human voice.  It’s the oldest and the simplest way to narrate a story.  Everyone loves to hear a story.  That alone is worth thinking about; tell your story.  Consumers have confessed many times to doing business with the person who’s story they know even if their competitor offered the same product or service for less money.  This is something to really pay attention to.

we create videos that sells products and services slider
They don’t cost an arm and a leg…

Although, you might see an arm and a leg compellingly drawn, the cost to produce a whiteboard animation is remarkably much lower than virtually any other type of video. Whether you’re interested in marketing videos, training videos, videos used as vlogs (video used as blogging), webinars, sales video, and others, whiteboard animation videos cost very little, especially when compared to the enormous impact they have on the audience.
Production costs are minimal if you use existing archive content of both still images and traditional video footage as well as line drawings that can be traced into the video production by the quick draw or video scribing software.  Having to hire an artist, someone with the artistic skills to draw original artwork is, for the most part, cost prohibitive.  Unless the video scribe is a production that can effectively be used over and over to market and advertise the company, I usually discourage this type of video production.  When you consider that these days, a video once viewed is usually ‘dumped’.  Once viewed, there’s usually no reason to view it again.  Now if the company can take that same video scribe or explainer video and send it out to fetch in new prospects then spending a lot to create is possibly a good call.

whiteboard animated explainer video
Stand out from the crowd, lead the pack, and leverage yourself against competitors…
With the highest conversion ration of any other type of video, these animations are a big bang for their buck! Think about it, no camera is needed ( if you want traditional video footage as part of the narrative, there are stock houses you can buy from) no real actors, just a script (message) but not to minimize this at all, it has to be a well thought out script if it’s to be successfully communicated. And who better to sell your brand than you and the people who best know your business! You can positively, productively and imaginatively create a video that tells your company’s story, conveying it to the viewer in a compelling way while also driving your message, by drawing it into their brain where it will be retained.  This, by the way, is why animated neon signs are so easily recalled.  They ‘write’ and because we also write, our eyes follow the lines the drawing makes and thus recall easily the form it draws.
Teaching and learning just got a little more fun…
There are so many learning styles. Invariably, in classrooms throughout the world, children fall behind in their education because they’re not being taught to in the style that relates best to them. Learning styles include visual, interpersonal, logical, physical, auditory, verbal, and interpersonal. Most people fall into these three categories: Visual, Auditory, and Physical. The beauty of the whiteboard animation video is that it incorporates these three learning styles flawlessly; ensuring that the message will reach a wider audience and the retention of the message will be high.  Think of the lyrics you cannot forget because you memorized it with music, then add to it a visual image and viola, you have a type of explainer or whiteboard video.  Powerful sales tool and it’s not to be ignored if you want to be competitive.

whiteboard animated video
Whiteboard videos and SEO…
Okay, even though these animation videos have oodles of uses, many companies are using them to not only engage their audience (with hopeful conversion), but to also pump up their SEO marketing. There are still some basics to remember when it comes to your SEO strategies and explainer videos:
1. Know your keywords! This, of course, is the basis for any SEO advertising & marketing campaign.
2. Add those precious keywords to your video via the file name, video title, video description and tags. Remember, (this is crucial) the search engines don’t know what to do with video. They can’t “see” it and it really does nothing for search engines or the arsenal of bots ( electronic reading devices) that are sent out to fetch whatever was typed into the search bar.
3. If you’re uploading your video to YouTube, make sure to use keywords in your video’s content. For accessibility services, YouTube always creates a text based version of videos that are uploaded. This way, your keywords will be “seen” by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You can also ‘beef’ up these scripts by adding additional keyword rich text but stay well within what is actually spoken within the video.  Then publish the video with these scripts.  Tons of SEO value can be gained just by doing that.
Whiteboard animation videos are white hot because people can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re captivating, charming and appeal to everyone’s child-like sense of wonder. Don’t be left behind, they’re also inexpensive and are well worth while for use in any marketing and advertising campaign.  It is now well known that to have one on the home page of your website or available within your social media will do much to convert the viewer to the customer. Leave a Comment

Production Notes – Strategic Mobili


Blog Post: 15 Ways To Increase Your ROI Using Facebook

The development to glean out and distill the essence of this company was not an easy task; it looked easy at first glance, but the companies owner was sort of mid flight in tying down their branding tagline and focusing their intentions all during the time the video was in development.

This video production represents part 1 of 3. Initially there was to be one video to ‘show n’ tell’ what the company does, but the spectrum of offerings that the owner wanted to specify made it impossible to produce an entertaining and informative video by cramming in all of the different services available.

The job was to generate a video production that would engage the mainstream demo that really use facebook, they are people under 30.  The folks who typically put facebook to work for their companies marketing purposes are almost all over 30.

Another factor that played in the development of this video was to figure out how to entertain all of them and inform all of them all at the same time! LOL


When you’re over 50 rapidly moving images, informational text display, and flashing lights can be anything but informative, it ca be irritating!  The entire production has to be perfectly paced to satisfy a broad spectrum of viewers.

Engaging and entertaining, informative and instructional, and serve as a commercial with a ‘hook’ is a tall order mainly because this all has to be accomplished without appearing to do any of it.

Think Fish.

If a fish knows / sees the hook under or thru the bait, it is not likely to bite!  But if the fish finds the ‘bait’ somehow interesting, it may not even realize it’s about to take a bite!

Okay, okay,… I know; I’ve really simplified that process.  Fact is, most people click out of a video in less than 10 seconds if they don’t find it interesting.  If the video production is selling something that the viewer is not even in the market for, they will still watch the video.

That is a good thing to score because Google, Bing, Chrome all note that simple fact and reward it with a better page ranking.

Show Don’t Tell:

How would you show, demonstrate, illustrate, that a company could help you make money if you hired them to build an online presence by customizing & managing your Facebook Profile Page?

I had very little time within the 60 second frame work to do this so i just cut to the chase:


Money dropping down in stacks of $50 | $100 |  $29 dollar bills….and I use a rapidly mounting animated graph climbing and climbing… when I positioned that in the crescendo of the video, I also timed the music to peak at that point.  It was light to medium rock with a grind!

A Sassy & Satisfying Grinding Guitar Rift.

Pacing this to satisfy everyone while informing them was fun to accomplish.


I worked with blue mostly and chose the music with a feel of elevated blue…not blusey

but not ‘Pop” either… not ‘Hard Rock’ but not too ‘Soft Rock’ either.  Not too distracting but an engaging beat with places to BREATH and that served as my way to punctuate the saline points of the piece.


Bearing in mind the mixed demo that would hopfully be viewing this video and buying into this company’s services, I chose to make the font very clear and used the technique of capitalizing the first letter of most words in order to help the older viewer more easily read and retain it.

The younger set favour all lower case and they can read the serial number off of a frreight train in motion.  Not so with the rest of us… there is an often ignored technique to balance the content in a video production, when the viewer is expected to read & retain the text message, see and understand and FEEL the images… and feel a smooth transition from one image to another… once part of the message to another.

The colour, music, text and moving images have to work together in a balanced delivery device.

That’s Video!   Top Shelf Video Productions accomplish all of the above in a balance.  Now, frankly, here’s the rub:  to get my clients to see and understand that and take their hands off the wheel is at times trying!

Everyone who builds their business by buying it a brick & a board at a time…looses sleep over whether they can pay the bills this month let alone the next month…. sweat equity is often blood.

When consulting with my clients I listen very carefully to not only what they’re saying but what’s left unspoken because that is often what needs to appear in the video, especially if it’s to be a branding video.

All in all, this was a fun video to produce and it accomplishes what it’s supposed to.

If you go out online today, and I hope for many more tomorrows, I don’t think you will find many of these types of videos.

They entertain while they inform and with just a little luck when someone is shopping for whatever was on offer, they will recall that video and go back to locate the company of origin and hire them.

Maybe that seems like bragging – that’s okay too!   We should all know what we do well and I produce video that sells your products and services.

More than this, I work with a very professional team of player who also do very well what they do… they are the ones who take these videos and pump them with SEO FUEL.

They know how to get the custom video productions, positioned and viewed -ranked and referred to.

Have a look at the SEO Video Productions you’ll find on this website and you’ll see what I mean.  SEO experts are not easily located. Leave a Comment

Production Notes – Masquerade Bash

Video Production for Non-Profit Organizations


Using Video Production as an effective tool to raise awareness is an is a solid, cost effective choice. When you learn what you can do with video to pull traffic to your website and or your arena of Social Media, you’ll begin producing video right away!

There are so many types of video productions that would help to generate interest by engaging those who love to participate in competitions, safari or treasure hunts, talking head videos produced by the sponsors and volunteers – talking head testimonial videos..many!

Mask Gorgeous Model Woman

The production of a viral video, which by definition is usually clever and catchy is the absolute ideal video to create. Spin an engaging concept that both communicates with the viewer, enrolls them in your event and raises awareness to some neglected corner of our world and you have scored big time points whose rewards will eventually be evidenced on your bottom line.

Cancer Many Faces

I evolved a concept for a fund raising video that scored a surprising harvest;

I first recruited 6 willing volunteers and with their support we set out a local Treasure Hunt. Items that had particular relevance to the non-profit I was raising awareness and funds for, where scattered about a 5 miles radius; the glues were scripted cleverly and entertained while they informed. The Treasure Hunters Map was published online and the fun began.

Here’s the crucial ingredient: each find had to be video taped and published through the organizations social media outreach. The entertaining clue & riddle had to be read out while the video was recording it and the person who found it. Then those that heard the next clue, published it by sharing the mini video production.

A friend of mine has of recent years taken up a passion for metal detecting! She has a club she belongs to and a metal detecting buddy she goes about with! I was thinking, what if we develop a fundraiser and enlist those metal detectifves!? LOL Why not?! Fundraising for a local, not community funded need, is such a wonderful way to play apart in giving from your surplus…use video production to publish your support for a local non-profit.

Use your iphone, smart phone, ipad or smart tablet to shoot the video and after you produce this video, be sure and load it up into your social media, your blog, the non-profits website and blog…and do this by writing a mini blog or extensive commentary on why it interests you and invite your subscribers on youtube, your friends on facebook and your readers into your fundraising party.

Can you see where you could take such a concept?! So much fun. Be sure if you use this concept you stop by my website, blog, social media and let me know. I’ll share it too and help where I am able.

Why not sit down with your Board, if you serve a Non-Profit Organization, and put this idea on the table for your next fundraising event.

Non-profit video production

Video Produced for Non-Profit Organization:

One of the awareness this organization raises is that when the impact of cancer finds it’s way into an individual’s life, their home and their community, many of the simple needs they require are simply not available through most non-profit organization.

I really had no idea about how many items one would need and simply not be able to purchase on extremely limited or no income at all.

Take for example something they call the ‘Cobra’, apparently this is the token co-pay you must somehow find if you’re to maintain your insurance coverage!

The cancer patients toiletries and other such items are not funded in usual coverage; they have to find that money…now add to this, the fact that the person who’s diagnosed has usually or will very soon, loose their job. The rent is due, public utilities are services that must be paid for, etc.