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Business Video Ecards

For only $15 per month you could not only display your videos just like you see in this image above, but also create attractive Video Email Cards and send to your Prospects…  its said in the world of those who get your business listing in top searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. that ‘Content is King’ ;in layman’s terms, that means, that whatever you have on your website, in your advertising and marketing, anywhere online to include social media, like Facebook, Twitter, linked-in, etc, the content that can be read and indexed will not onle be your best friend but the most affordable and effective method to boost your Google rankings.  It pushes and pulls traffic to your website offering your products and services.

  • Video Production The first thing when considering adding video to your content is to decipher what kind of video you need to do the job you’re asking it to do. Here are some things to avoid and some to put into practice. If even a few of these guidelines are upheld you’ll succeed and the reward will be evident on your bottom line.
  • Video Entertain While You Inform: If your video sucks no one will watch to the end and the end is usually where the ‘call to action’ is traditionally placed! ; take some time to think about what someone who does not know you or your product..what do they need to know to buy from you.  State it simply. How do you make a video to sell your products & services?  Simple answer is keep the video production simple. Let the video do the heavy lifting.  Show, don’t tell.  This is what video is for. Images will communicate volumes where words will fail.  Just think of body language – you will read that and not even hear what the person is saying..furthermore, you will have an inclination to act on what you see and less on what you hear. Let the video do the talking!  If you want to talk more than show, get on the radio or the phone!  Are you among the thousands of people who are longing for the days when you interfaced with people and made the sale then!?  You are?!  Well, then as you’ve been forced with the rest of the world into an online ‘virtual meeting room’ then be sure that the video you are slinging out there as bait to pull traffic to your site, be sure it represents you. Don’t settle for less.  Don’t make the mistake of having a video production out there that does reflect who you are. Think of it as the very first impression someone will have about you. Check our your competitors, and raise the bar!  This is competitive…think WIN!!
  • Length of Video Production:  if your video blog post is too long, and difficult to follow, it will not serve your intentions, in fact it can hinder your attempt to market and advertise your products and services. Think about it, your website, social media, is what your prospect sees first. Think first impression. Think that once this impression is made, it is very difficult to erase or modify. Like a camera shutter clicks…and experts tell us that this first impression is made, hook, line, and sinker, in split seconds.  Hire the video producer to match your business.  Let them guide you as to what video production will best suit your purposes.  For example, when you view some of our videos,  you’ll probably determine that our champagne service is in producing ‘branding videos’ for small businesses.  A branding video mirrors who you are, what you do and why someone should hire you.
  • Product Demo Videos: get to the actual demonstrating of your product without too much talking. Use the 60-90 seconds to demonstrate the product in a well lit and uncomplicated setting.  Use a blank wall or hang something up so that you can ensure that they will only see what you want them to.  Block their view from anything other than what you are showing them.  When you next watch a movie of any kind, look at the back grounds, the sets, really, you’ll be surprised. Look at them and notice how bare they are. No one lives like that!  You can then look around your own house, room, office, studio, and you’ll see, that by comparison, it’s complicated as is our lives by movie standards !LOL  Their sets are nearly bare, even the kitchen.  This is, of course, by design, and it works. Use it. It’s so simple to keep your video production simple. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, you do however, do not want to have a cheap looking video signal your prospects that you run a cheap outfit!
  • Virtual Tour Video Productions; here again, strip down the set, keep it clean of ‘noise’ this in film terms means ‘clutter’.  Noise is also in images as well as in audio. There are many tutorials online in, you guessed it YouTube, of how to make a virtual tour video.  At Fact & Fable Productions, we have a product to offer that can also take your still photographs, combine them with appropriate video clips taken from our video archive, and craft a great virtual tour video for you; $250 entry level.  A steal when you consider the shaky camera of the novice and the blurred scenes when they move too fast, or they talk too much and no one can watch and listen at equal levels without getting seasick.  In our Video Slide Show Reels, which are put to work out in social media and or featured on the home page of the website they reference.
  • Video Slide-Show Productions can also have properly paced text information in the lower third of the frame or in bullet points to the side of the video while it plays.  The trick is to have the information paced so that the person can take most of the information in via the video production.  Sometimes is someone is narrating, and the video is rolling with text also visible, it can be magic in your SEO ranking.  There are many ways to optimize video by using this technique. Remember, the viewer is watching the video to learn something, if the content is there, you don’t need to have things flying around the screen or loud sounds / music.  Serve your viewers, customers, and prospects with whatever you are selling. State the facts and keep away from too much fable! LOL  You see we are called factandfable but we leave the ‘fable’ part in the roll of art and combine the ‘fact’ with science.  The straight facts mixed with a bit of entertainment is our brand.  We entertain while we inform; it works, after all that’s the way we learn as children…entertaining stories sell what it’s teaching. As a boutique video production company, we can give our customers more time and tell their story with images. Please view a bit of our work in this video channel we use to simply display our video productions, and if you like us at all please do it here…. if you do decide we can help you with any kind of video, especially ‘branding video, then we’ll give you a special add on for no price at all!
  • Video Production Audio: Don’t have the music or musak so loud that it drives folks away from the video production…pull them in by giving them the sound track that is suitable for your subject matter.  Most of us turn the sound off when watching an otherwise engage able video production.  Sometimes its just not suitable and sometimes its just too loud.
  • Video Production Display Tools: I began this blog by telling you about a wonderful way to display your videos and get attention to them at a very affordable price.  Here is the link to that template and prices begin at only $15 p.m.  No contracts, no upfront set up fees. You can put up 30 videos and send each of them to 10 customers or publish them to 10, 000 prospects all for that very low price.

If you hire us to create an engaging video production, our entry level is $250. You provide the photos and we’ll put appropriate sound to it and it will sell what your want it to.  We have several stepped up plans, one for including video, lower text with your info OR we can do some scriptwriting a narrative especially for you and your small business.  Many packages to choose from.  Simply put – for $1,000 we can pull together a great sales tool for you and get up online and placed in the preferred search engines. That is entry level for a ‘branding video production’.  This will not suit a large company, it is especially offered for small companies where we can work with one decision maker.