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Will Videos Grow My Business?

Key Reasons for Producing Marketing Videos:

Image Management:

Internet Video is the most cost effective way to promote your product and publish your brand; -you can mold the way your business looks on screen and maintain it’s branding;
You are in complete control of it. Completely!  I can not think of another place, anywhere, where you have this amount of control.  Learning to utilize this and then work it within your Social Networks, like Facebook is the best friend to have if you’ve limited resources to spend on Internet advertising and marketing. Continue reading Leave a Comment

Roast House Coffee

Roast House Coffee is a private label coffee roasting company located in Spokane, Wa. They take pride in the fact that the farmers who supply them fare better with them then they do with the ‘Fair Trade Commission’ or ‘Direct Market Association’. Everything they do, with any and all aspects of buying, roasting, packaging, and distributing of coffee is with the focus on efforts intending to establish and sustain ‘community’. All of those directly involved in the enterprise are conscious that when you buy a commodity, especially one like coffee, you cast your vote…. and with it you action some very real happenings like putting food on a farmers table. Video production Spokane.