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Small Business Holiday Video Ecards


Here’s a diagram of just some of the marketing and advertising you can accomplish by using videos within templates.  We call these ‘video ecards’ and we offer different packages to keep you in front of your client.  They arrive in their emails or on their phones. They are entertaining as well as informative; we call them  ‘infotainment’.

These templates, are custom designed with your brand as is video should you chose to hire us.  You can also use our templates and your existing video.  Have a good look at the options we set out in this work sample.

What if  you could figure out how much it cost you to get each of your clients, you’d probably get more involved in maintainin g them!  Many new businesses get their start up clients by picking up someone else’s neglected or under served customers.

The strategic video email campaigns we offer you are one of the best ‘customer care’ tools out there.

We would welcome the opportunity to look over and discuss with you what you’re now doing to promote your products & services and then explore suitable options to launch  strategic marketing campaigns using videos.

Think of these videos as ambassadors. Let us create them so that they are memorable and truly represent the distilled essence of your brand.  Every company has a unique feature that can be conveyed in a visual narrative.  Stories sell – facts tell.

Information Diagram 4 Video Emails

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‘Lady Godiva’ Puts A Spell On You

A recent article on the health benefits of chocolate suggests that an overdose of it may have inspired Lady Godiva’s infamous ride. Current studies conclude that sufficient consumption of this ‘goddess nectar’ could indeed cause a perfectly normal woman to mount a horse,…butt naked mind you, and take a midnight ride through town. Well,… a ‘girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do….you get my drift.

Godiva, in a word, and one of the few words that truly describe chocolate. Chocolate is one of the worlds most loved foods and is a known panacea for many a woman’s blues!
Smooth, dark, rich and creamy chocolate provides a powerful nutritive pack that we’re still learning about. The quality, however, and it’s nutritional benefits hinges on how and where it’s cultivated, harvested, and processed. Leave a Comment

Roast House Coffee

Roast House Coffee is a private label coffee roasting company located in Spokane, Wa. They take pride in the fact that the farmers who supply them fare better with them then they do with the ‘Fair Trade Commission’ or ‘Direct Market Association’. Everything they do, with any and all aspects of buying, roasting, packaging, and distributing of coffee is with the focus on efforts intending to establish and sustain ‘community’. All of those directly involved in the enterprise are conscious that when you buy a commodity, especially one like coffee, you cast your vote…. and with it you action some very real happenings like putting food on a farmers table. Video production Spokane. Leave a Comment

Latah Creek Wine Cellar

Latah Creek Winery, with Mike Conway as it’s Vintner has produced award winning wines for over 27 yrs. A local favourite in and around Spokane, WA. is Huckleberry Wine and often taken along with Picnics. One wine that is sure to make an elegant statement on your palette is Vinosity, released in the Autumn of 2009. You’ll find it in an appropriate place on the top shelf of your local liquor store or in the grocery store. Their tasting room is open EVERYDAY and it is located in a gift store that has been called Aladdin’s Cave. Go on, treat yourself and make a statement to your guests at the dinner table. Affordable Luxury is the best tag-line that I can summon.