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Silk Road Dance

Silk Road Dance – 60 sec.

Live performance featuring 18 samples of choreography by famed Laurel Victoria Gray, Artistic Director & Costume Maker of the: Silk Road Dance Company, Washington, D.C.  A must see, whether you do or don’t have knowledge of rich and colourful history of the Silk Road – the information super highway of it’s time.  Some of these stunning, richly colourful, and elaborate, silk costumes are replicas of the original garments drawn from the regions the dance narratives portray.  The choreography is representational of skilled storytelling and soulful sensitivity; this is rarely, if ever, seen to be this magical..all set to haunting music.

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Ice Sculptor Carves Dolphin

Fitzgerald Ice , Dennis Fitzgerald
This is a very fun video documenting a dolphin being carved by an award winning Ice Sculptor, Dennis Fitzerald; these pieces are on display at high end banquets, weddings, fundraising events, and special buffet displays.  Dennis Fitzerald is an Internationally award winning artist; he receives work orders from out of state for productions such as the Lion King; these pieces are carved and then shipped, packed in ice of course!  This showreel of his dolphin carving, entertains while it informs and if you do not carve ice sculptors yourself you’ll learn something from this viewing.

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Vacation Rental Tour

Camano Island Vacation Rentals; this is a tour of this charming beach house and the surrounding vicinity.  It simulates a whole day beginning the wake up call to “It’s a Beautiful Morning” and ends with a gorgeous sunset as seen from the deck chair, a gourmet dinner, a glass of wine, and a roaring fire!

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