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Silk Road Dance

Silk Road Dance – 60 sec.

Live performance featuring 18 samples of choreography by famed Laurel Victoria Gray, Artistic Director & Costume Maker of the: Silk Road Dance Company, Washington, D.C.  A must see, whether you do or don’t have knowledge of rich and colourful history of the Silk Road – the information super highway of it’s time.  Some of these stunning, richly colourful, and elaborate, silk costumes are replicas of the original garments drawn from the regions the dance narratives portray.  The choreography is representational of skilled storytelling and soulful sensitivity; this is rarely, if ever, seen to be this magical..all set to haunting music.

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Violin Maker

Luthier Rafael Carrabba Violins
A video documenting highlights during the repair, restoration, and creation of violins, cellos, and violas.  Rafael Carrabba Violins Studio is located in Seattle, Wa., on Queen Anne’s Hill. The message in this video short is for the professional musician who may have concerns about whether or not their instrument will be carefully and lovingly handled during the restoration and repair process. They have recently been given the commission to do the restorative work on what is believed to be a Stradivarius Violin.  This was a gift to the Seattle Symphony. Leave a Comment

Late Night Dining

This video demonstrates how effective it is to create an engaging ‘experience’ and let that sell your product or service.  We buy into what makes us feel good either about ourselves, the world we live in, or the ‘feel good factor’ derived from something that ‘solves’ a problem we may have. Video production Spokane

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‘Bold Eats’-Healthy Fast Food

Bold Eats is a division of Angus Meats Spokane, Washington;  this ‘Branding Video’ serving as a product-demo, national product launch, and establishing the ‘brand name’. It was produced for use as a TV and online commercial.

A healthy choice fast food product- recipe prepared by a top Chef with attention to exotic flavors from ingredients representing a world wide cuisine.