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QR Code: A Cyber Business Card

There are so many ways to use the QR Code in your marketing and since it’s free it’s worth exploring. But why should I try to improve on what’s already been done so well?

My colleague, Chris Reilly of Unleased Marketing here in Spokane, is well informed on all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation including using the QR Code. Continue reading Leave a Comment

Forgeron Wine Cellars

Here is a brief thumbnail sketch of the winemaker at Forgeron Cellars in Walla Walla, Washington. Marie-Eve is a native of France and is classically trained in the art of wine making. If red wine is your preferred brew, don’t miss the opportunity to taste their Zinfandel. It’s an all time favorite in their wine club. Marie-Eve’s husband, Giles, is the wine maker at LongShadows.. I guess they’re keeping it in the family, must be the way of the French!