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Identity Theft & Cyber Crime


Identity Theft & Cyber Crime: The Biggest Growth Industry In USA

This video production was created to support the sales and marketing folk who sell services that protect the consumers like you and me.  The video is a mini education for the novice who is out of the habit of being at all cautious when conducting online purchases and sharing their information.  We can custom build that and many other videos to your specific requirements.  We can include animated pie charts or graphs to demonstrate your particulate facts and figures.  We can produce videos that mirror your branding and or modify it a bit to update and enhance your current look and feel.

In doing a bit of research on the subject of ‘Identity Theft’ we are quite sure that when we next look into the mirror, we’ll note that all of our hairlines have been moved permanently back!

What security can you claim to trust when an 11 year old geek cracks into FortKnox! LOL  ( NOT so funny, but you’ve got to laugh or cry)  I mean, what about that 13 yr. old who broke into the Pentagon!  Are these kids Genius Geeks or are we that open to cyber fraud?! Or how about this, we found a 4 yr old boy who was already in debt to the tune of $39k  In fact, some folks who are now deceased have also wracked up thousands of dollars in debt. A survey of over 12 million identity fraud cases was put to the analysis and it was discovered that over 3 million of the so called fraudsters were dead and had been for decades!

So how do these menacing master minds crash thru our best security, steal, vandalize, and still not come to justice?!

Unless you’re in the mood for a bit of a horror story that is fact and not fable, you should go back to bed and pull the covers over your head until this is over…pr pump up the volume on that ipod your listening too!

Identity theft is the biggest growth ‘industry’ on the internet.  I don’t wish to be seen as dignifying it by calling it a ‘growth industry’ but i do want to be seen as clearly stating a few facts.  Here’s the main one:

The victims take longer to recover than you’d ever imagine and the villains are increasingly more difficult to snare.  There are victims of this crime who spend years and years clearing up their records and spend a lot of hard earned money to recover their financial good health and clean report.  There are very few laws that have been legislated that actually have teeth even when you can get the villain into a court of law.

If you’ve viewed the video, you would’ve noticed that it’s becoming easier and easier for identity thieves to escape detection. Why!  Why? you ask when you consider how easy it is to track our every move on the internet. why isn’t it equally as easy to track the perpetrator of this crime?

The briefest way to respond to that question was answered in the video production.

The reason everything has become so easy for identity fraud is because there is only one internet language.

Remember the ‘dot and dash’ language of Morse Code?  Well that dot and dash is now a one or a zero.  It’s called a ‘binary language’ and it’s comprised of 1 & 0. As with the language of morse code, where you could say anything that needed saying, so also with the digital language of the internet.

The language of the internet is digital and if machines called ‘bots’ (shorthand for ‘robots’) can read your every move, why can’t a trained up geek who has more time on their hands than they do morals in their character?

Everything is scanned, stored, indexed and filed…and since the ‘bots’ performed that task, then the ‘bots’ can locate the data.  An informed geek can do more than a robot.  It can think in a cunning way. A robot can only ‘think’ or function in pure logic…there is not character preference or emotional content in that!

Video produced to help sell products and services is what we do at Fact & Fable Productions.  We are what they call a ‘Boutique Production House’.

It’s almost guaranteed that anyone who’s selling a form of insurance against this latest crime and the criminal intent it feeds, can get this video, or one of our many such like video productions, in front of your prospects, if they don’t have any identity fraud insurance, they will surely be thinking that maybe they should get some.

That’s where you come in as the sales person or the owner of a small company!

In addition to producing videos to help you sell your products and services, we also offer a way to effectively use the video production to target and retrieve your next prospect.  Anyone shopping online for services to assist them in avoiding identity theft or clean up after an online attack will find this sort of video if it’s been plugged into the internet with solid and skilled SEO.

The style of video we produce and package for SEO (search engine optimization) & SEM (search engine marketing) purposes is meant to ‘engage’ the viewer with more than facts and figures.  We add a bit of an entertaining spin to it and we don’t just do this to artistically show off.

We create our videos so that the viewer wants to watch it to the end…. if they are the market for what the produced video exhibits, then they are closer to the buying of your product or service than they were before viewing the video.

Video production does not have to be a spectrum of colour with flashing lights and loud noises to grab and hold the viewers attention.  It needs to be engaging and it does help if the ‘engaging’ aspect of the video is related to the product it’s selling.  That does not negate the many high end and classy commercials we are all familiar with that we see on the big screen or in the commercial breaks during the Super Bowl.  We all know that the subject and artistry do not need to meet and marry in order to spawn to convert prospects into many buyers.  It’s the pure art of magical persuasion.

One of the most important components that Google and other major search engines use to score your website, is: how long does the viewer stay on the website.  This is called, ‘sticky’ and one ‘sticky’ to your site is worth hundreds or ‘hits’ as in ‘hit and miss’!  Sorry just couldn’t resist that one!

Solid video productions that are to be used as ‘sales bait’ can come in many forms… but if they ‘entertain while they inform’ or as our tagline states they are a ‘video that elevates perception’ then you’re half way to closing that sale.  Maybe not this week, but if you’ve provided them with an entertaining video production, as least when their ready to consider purchasing whatever you’re selling, your video might just well be one of the few they remember and refer others to.

Video production can be a costly affair and more often than not is cost prohibitive.  At Fact & Fable Productions, we feel that unless you have a very deep pocket, you are best advised to learn how to make simple videos yourself and post them frequently into your social media and change them out on your website.

We’ve come up with a cost effective solution so that you can have good quality video production and afford having many of them. 

We produce generic videos and can custom each of them for your specific purposes.  This will hold the costs down and then you can supplement them if you like, by producing your own weekly round up or shout out or review.

We have been in the business for decades. This translates to you as having a huge archive of video footage and high quality photographs to draw from.  Once we get what you want to advertise and who your target audience is…  we can produce a video about that subject and attach your branding to it.

We call it a generic video production, No one need know that we did not go to your place of business and shoot that footage for your specific video.  We accomplish this by keeping well within the generic industry you serve. We also accomplish the video production by including photographs you provide of you and your staff members or interior and exterior shots of your place of business. Images of your products can also be included in the video productions.

Frankly, unless you are serving your local community exclusively, most online shoppers just want to see a good video that gives them a feel of what you are selling.

Take this video we produced to inform, if not ‘stir’ the emotions of those who are not as aware as perhaps they should be of identity fraud, if you were to purchase such a video and publish it into you social media, put it on your website, you would have at least begun the ‘sales process’ by presenting that shocking information regarding identity theft to the uninitiated.  That’s the primary function of video production.  To break the ice, make the connection to the very specific prospect who would buy from you if they could find you.  There are, of course, many types of video productions and each of them is specific to the task. We’ve discussed those in previous blogs.

When video productions are married up with an online sales strategy, then winning that sale and growing your online presence is sure to be the outcome.  SEO & SEM follow some simple practices that typically elude the novice online marketer.

Gone are the days of just puffing about with simple, relevant, content on your website!  You still need that, but now you need to be a traffic director too!  You need to know when you site is being crawled by a bot that is dragging it down and holding it back from acquiring better ranking on the Google pages.

One of the major blocks we regularly find in the small business owner is their idea that they know what their prospects want.  Many times they don’t; what they know is what they want them to have!  And you can talk till you’re ‘blue in the face’ to try and convince them that they are often boring their prospect with details that overwhelm what they needed to know.  This can kill a sale, not promote one.

Most of us are so guilty of this. We know so much about our craft, product or trade that we think the prospect needs to know it too!  Actually, all they need to know is what your product will do for them.  We are typically selfish and self centered.  Prospects don’t give a hoot what we think about our video production.  They don’t!  Just like any small business owner they want to know, up front and NOW!, what can our video productions  do for their bottom line.  Can it, does it sell products and how?

The internet affords more opportunity than ever before to sell your products and services.  Depending on your product, you have a world wide marketplace to promote your brand to.  AND, you have more tools, control and power to push your product online than ever before!  BUT, you either need to learn how to use that power, fuel and drive the online vehicle or hire someone to do it for you!

Well crafted video production that produces sales tools that will sell for someone else is one of the main components to assist your promoting.  Add to it a video that ‘entertains while it informs’ and ‘elevates perception’ THEN plug it into a strategy. This means you need a plan drawn up by an expert SEO marketer and then work that plan. Leave a Comment

Time To Slow Down

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

This was the only way I could think of, at the moment, to respond to a prospect that was in a super hurry to leap into producing a video that was to represent their company.  This video frenzy will surely backfire because people generally have good taste & they usually know the difference between a well stacked sandwich or just two slices of bread posing as one!

Video production is an art form; this does not mean you need to hire a professional to produce one for you, in fact, those costs are often prohibitive during these economical times.  I see that as a good thing!  This may surprise you, since producing video is how I make my living.  But a tight budget does have a way of drawing attention to what’s essential.  We are all inclined to trim the fat and get down to some bare bone essential marketing tools.  The video that enjoys the most views is often the one that entertained while it informed.  It told a story.  What’s more, is that the story does not necessarily need to candidly sell the product or service…but, it does have to sell the story teller.

With a bit of careful planning, I’m convinced, and have evidence to support that conviction, that a small business owner can make a very impacting video to sell products and services far better than an ad does in the local press, or a sign posted on a billboard. Many times it totally out performs the professional who was hired to produce the video, but did not take the time to learn about the company.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Firstly, the small business owner in in charge – completely; all controls to speak with authority regarding the product or service on offer is in their hands.  All they have to do is to really think what problem this product or service solves.  The consumer is shopping for a solution, not a thing.  Present what this product or service offers and do so with honesty.  If you are in an industry that has a competitor on every street corner where you live, or every other page of the internet…then get creative.  Find a way to entertain your client and prospect alike…engage them in a conversation, then whatever you’re selling, when they find themselves in the market for it, you stand a far better chance of coming to their mind than the billboard or advertisement.

Parable, metaphor, simile, sermons from stones or stories from your kitchen, your garage, these stories are what engage us because it lets us know that you are in the same position that we are…and, though it may sound too simple to believe, we buy from our peers, we ask them for advice and assistance and we do so because we trust them. You cannot trust someone you do not know.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Video may make magic but producing it is not.  Really think about your service or product, what is is really!?  What does it really do?  If you sell a product that is replicated everywhere, like insurance, for example, or a carpet cleaner, or a pizza parlour, then take the time to discover how your company is different from all the rest.  Maybe it’s you!  Maybe, that’s the only thing that sets you apart from the pack.

Produce a video that communicates that.  Story sells and facts tell.  Tell us a story about you and how you got into your business and why you stay in it.  Tell us a story about how your ship nearly sunk but how it was saved and is now even better for it.  Tell us a story about how pleased you were that you could afford to buy something for your spouse, or your children, or send flowers to your mother.

Tell me a story.  I’m listening, and you know what, millions of people listen to real stories. Especially reel stories! (sorry, had to get it in, didn’t I ! )Stories tell the truth about life and the truth is all we ever wanted to know. And here’s something even better, this story you will tell with honestly and no wizzy-wigs, maybe you’ll just sit in front of your iPhone Camera or the video camera in your computer, or smart tablet, and you’ll just think about how your product or service got hooked up with you, and this will be a true Branding Video.  It is the very essence of your company, distilled into a simple, honestly stated video production.  It will cost you some time.  It will take some effort, but you’re going to feel good about this process.  Here’s why: because that creative process you go through will make you feel so alive and so inspired that everyone who views it be be able to see who you really are…then they can connect and that is the best social media in the business.  It’s the best commercial and marketing tool you will ever make.

Now if you’re tempted to think that I’ve either waxed lyrical, or perhaps just lost my mind, then think again. All of our products and services are sought and bought to satisfy something…be it a problem or the longing to see, hear, recognize, and have as our own, the Truth.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

I am, of course available for this conversation, should you wish to pick up the phone or email me with a time to connect.  I love my work and I can be of assistance to you in the production of video to sell your product or service.  I can be hired to also advise you, guide you while you produce your own video.  Frankly, I find in that option the greatest of rewards.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for slowing down long enough to finish this blog. Now, you know you need video, right?  So what’s the hold-up?! Leave a Comment

Petrushka Cooks Up A Video Production!

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

Whatever you’re selling, video is an excellent way to navigate the process of marketing and advertising it right onto the waiting plate of your consumer.  Video ‘shows’ more, ‘tells’ less and accomplishes most.  It’s simple really; the use of narrative video production, leaves room for the prospect viewing the video to engage into a conversation ( or conversion ) that signals the impulse to buy your service or product. In other words, (sticking to our cuisine metaphor) – preparing & serving food, the appetite is first stimulated, satisfied, so that lovely, stress free conversation can occur while its being consumed.  Technically, there is a bit of pleasant stress that should happen between the seller and the buyer.  A gentle, pleasant experience of being coerced, knowing you are but enjoying it anyway!

Good video production will always do the heavy lifting for you if you put it first into the process of locating your demographic (the domain of solid SEO as well as appropriate content, rich and easily accessed), discovering what they’re hungry for, getting it on the menu and to their plate.  Bon appetite & Voila’ all in one stroke!  That’s what makes video magical.  It does so much more than it seems to be doing.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

The chemistry involved in good cuisine is kindred to the chemistry that happens when good film is produced.  Its about the mix of good story telling with the narrative of a single point well-illustrated… it’s about effective chemistry, when the mixing of the spices & ingredients combine to produce more than the sum of the parts; its a conversation with the viewer, a relationship, an interactive exchange that encourages engagement, ‘conversion’ and in the case of videos that are produced to sell products and services, then that conversion rate is higher and more likely to result in a sell!  Success! Mission accomplished. More than ‘dinner is served’, much more, here… we dine!  Think of it, you ‘eat lunch, sometimes alone’ but everyone should ‘dine for dinner’ & with good company.

So this video was produced with the idea that the viewer would get the salient point, that the ingredients need to be layered into the pot…timed, and when this happens a happy marriage occurs, blending deliciously into an irresistible idea, that should inform while it entertains. The buyer should be lured with both the ‘eye candy’ and be given something to chew on.  Something to savour…. a little something that lingers on the palate and lives long as a rewarding aftertaste.  So maybe my would be prospect is not in the market and video production is not quite on the menu (budget or preference) at the moment – but if I’ve done my job, this video production will stand apart from the pack and hopefully, when you are in the market for a video sales tool to advertise your business, this slightly edgy video production will bring me to mind!  Can’t blame a girl for some self-promotion, can you..?! LOL  Tell you what: if you can get yourself over here, I’ll even cook something up for you while I pitch you on hiring me!

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

Now, the real deal, or should I say reel deal, (sorry) is that, as stated in this mini-flick, you cannot produce a ‘Chicken Valentino’ from a pork chop and you shouldn’t be expected too!  This is one of the main issues that comes up during the discovery process that precedes the actual video production. Questions will be:

  • what’s for sale?
  • who’s buying it?
  • why are they buying it? and
  • where do they find it.

Those are the raw ingredients that need to get into the pot, and put there in order – not just thrown in…LOL

These questions must be simply answered and if these questions give rise to more questions in the mind of the viewing prospect, then they need to be ones that the would be customer wants to ask…. and you need to be able to answer them with what they want to hear.  No small order.  Put simply, they have a problem and you have the solution.  The reason I spelled it out in such detail is to further underscore the unconscious process that takes place when someone is shopping and the sales tool is video. It’s a concert in production.  It plays their tune, but that’s another subject! LOL

This process can sometimes be a less than elegant and here are a few of the reasons why;  a small business owner has an idea in his or her mind of what the video should look like that’s to represent their product or service. You could say this is a ‘good thing,’ right?   I’d agree with this were it not for the fact that most of us have far more sweat equity mingled in our decision making process than is good for our marketing purposes.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

Add to this, most of us are too focused on what we do than we are on what the client does and how we can help supply their needs & solve some of their problems.  We sell to ourselves over and over again and what the buyer sees, needs to know, and wants is sometimes minimized. If I could count up for you the money that’s been spent by the small, medium and large business concerns, in producing video for themselves I could retire in considerable style!   The weight of the research needs to be put to the side of the would be client, what do they think they need and what to they really need.

Going back to interview clients who have hired us to produce video is a very sobering experience; I’ve often found that though they clung to their ideas that they wanted to frame out their video production, and passionately in love with them, when asked how often they viewed the final production, they usually say only a few times…meaning, on closer examination, 1-3 times!  So then you get a bit of sweat on the brow, hold your breath and ask, ‘do you like the video?‘ and they exclaim, ‘yes, we do’!  Deal is, most of those corporate styled videos are way out of vogue and positively boring to most of us.

It motors straight ahead, like a walking base in a jazz band…always a delight when there’s something significant riding over it…a solo here or there, a song bird who can sing the lyrics and sell them to you…instead we don’t even get a talking base, just walking in time.
A few videos (at least a library of 3)  produced with just one idea each, and delivered in an entertaining & informative manner would have justified the thousands they spend. 
After all, isn’t the big idea to please the palate of the consumer?!  By the way, yes you can conjure a 7 course meal and all of it represent just one selling idea.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

Buyers don’t want to be in the ‘kitchen’ while you’re cooking anymore than the diners who patronize their favourite upgrade restaurant want to join you at the cooker.  The discovery process is a fine balance between getting the business owner to view their offering thru the eyes, of not only the consumer, but the industry standard that’s been established for that product or service within the current market trends and expectations.

I am very fond of the commercial that is so minimalist, it’s often reduced to a single, simple statement..sometimes one word or well-crafted sentence, stated in text or well timed and executed voice over.  In essence, the understatement that says it all by leaving the most important statement unspoken, that way its heard loudly in the mind of the viewer.

Think here – good acting.  If you can see it, it doesn’t need to be said. Video delivers by virtue of well-chosen imagery…. narration sometimes, but not always works here, but it always delivers over the radio! LOL

That is, in my opinion the most successful marketing & advertising tactic ever. THEN, if that magical formula is fueled with the steroids that good, solid, well-researched, SEO can surely provide…well, let’s just say, we’re talking 10 Star, Cordon Bleu Cuisine in the hottest dinning spot  uptown. Up-city in cyberspace. We can do that too!  SEO on Steroids, guaranteed!   (will soon be doing some blogs on that – that’s where the Cyber-Action is.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

So,…if you’re still wondering – ‘what’s with the food metaphor?’ then you may not know that the biggest percentage of the sales process is accomplished with the eyes. Call it ‘curb appeal’.  Its not unheard of that those selling property can add thousands to the value by putting in flowers..lots of them. Eye Candy curb appeal. Food, displayed and well- plated, somehow tastes so much better than slopped onto the plate for the kitchen crew.

Of course when someone is buying a service..then the  pictures that good text and narrative summon to conscious mind, are more universal in nature. Marketing & advertising is an art form; its very subtle.  Its as sophisticated as you want to make it providing you cling to the one salient reason someone will want to buy what you’re selling.  It sometimes surprises a person that the one reason is nearly always hung on an emotion of some sort.  The customer must be moved with the sales pitch towards the sale.

The idea of freedom, wealth, health and happiness to take a broad sweep of these universally shared desires.  Its a ‘set-up a promise’ & a ‘delivery’ on that promise commonly called, supply & demand.  And the savvy business owner, especially the struggling small business owner, knows that the internet is the shopping mall of our time (lovely – one market, online, all day, all night, & everywhere) and in that arena, ‘content is king’ and ‘king of content is video.’

In my next blog entry you will find a good bullet pointed list of what to do to prepare for the process of video production, be it one you intend to accomplish yourself or a concept for a video production that you want to hire someone to produce for you.

bon appetite! whatever you have on your plate.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World. Leave a Comment

$49.99 Video Ecard Send to 10,000

This is a refreshing way to thank your customers and acknowledge their loyalty.  They are not cartoon cards, have no ‘silly’ messages and you can link your website, social media, even put in a code for a special offer, party invitation, online event link, etc.

Since it is no longer cost effective to print and send a calendar or a card… send small token gifts, then this gesture of a ‘Seasonal Greeting Card’ will be a very good option to consider.  It’s affordable with prices beginning at only $49.99 !  For that price you can send them to 10 or 10,000 email recipients.  For $19.99 more you can have your website, social media, and your logo put on the card.  Minimal charges are incurred for each additional link you add… these video ecards  are cyber employees, working tirelessly for you night and day all over the world if you want them to.

You can be assured that if your clients and prospects received one of these they will not so quickly throw them into the trash folder. Especially if you consider putting a coupon code or some useful information about your product or service.  Its been said that ‘its not what you say but how you say it’ …and that is very true when it comes to thanking your client base for their loyalty.

Saying ‘thanks for your business’ and then spamming them with , ‘buy more now’ is not exactly a ‘gift’, BUT sending them one of these elegant cards, and putting a discreet discount voucher, code, useful bits of information about your product and services AT THE SAME TIME as you send the video email ‘thank you ‘ card,…now that’s permission marketing, and will be appreciated.  Give us a call and let’s at least chat for a few minutes to see what one of these digital devices would serve you while you build your business loyalty.

It should be obvious, but in case its not, while forgiving this pedantic comment, those of you small business owners, who are service orientated would really benefit from spending less than $100 to send one of these to each of your customers.  One price for sending 10 or sending 10,000.  Those of you who typically perform annual reviews for your clients would be so rewarded by sending one of these to each of your clients on an annual basis.  If we could calculate what it cost to acquire our clients, we’d probably do more to maintain them.  While we are out in the field hunting for a ‘new’ client, someone else is courting our existing clients. And that is not a ‘scare tactic’. Everyone is shopping at one time or another and when you consider that folks, your clients and mine, are online after hours and on the weekends… shopping, sometimes for what they already have, but a better price..then giving them one of these cards at least 4 times a year is such a minimal investment to maintain them, check in on their current interests, and retain them as your customers.

I can generate a box of 4 of these cards for approx $200; small additional charges are added when you want attachments, hyper links, special messages. That price is only to put your website URL, your email which auto links to a from, your name and phone number.

These cards can also have your personal video greeting inclosed , in fact it can be featured in the video player window.  We can custom design a video using your photos and combine them with our house footage that will enhance your video greeting.  If you go here you will see a demo reel to show one of the many ways you can do this – here’s a link to one, see the MontanaLogHomes  and it demos one of the many ways your stills and our footage can be combined to produce an engaging and informative video.

Call us today and discuss your particular needs.