The Cool New Tool for e-Commerce and Internet Advertising

Welcome to the latest edition to Fact & Fable Productions, our Internet News Log, or simply “blog.” We’ve added this WordPress blog page in order to keep you appraised of the state of Internet Video Production, Internet e-Commerce, and Video for Web.

In an article in WIRED magazine’s December 2006 issue, “YouTube vs. Boob Tube,” Bob Garfield has pointed out that “the state of the Old Commercial Broadcasting Model can be summarized like this: a spiraling vortex of ruin.”

Point of fact, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars for one reason, and one reason only: television advertisers have $67 billion dollars to spend, and potential customers are abandoning their televisions in droves–for the Internet. There, they watch videos on YouTube and MySpace and others. Television is losing its impact. In the same issue, Frank Rose pointed out in his article “”Commercial Break”” that big-ticket advertisers are demanding something different. “”…The rise of Web video offers just that.””

Television advertising, in terms of absolute dollars, hasn’t risen much since the early ’90s. Not so with the Internet. Website advertising, e-Commerce, and Video for the Web are rapidly becoming the dominant form of advertising. And Internet advertising offers the promise of ads targeted to the specific demographic who are most likely to actually purchase a specific product or service. Moving video, coupled with targeted Internet distribution, and ready access to hundreds of millions of Internet users worldwide are going to mean the difference between a successful enterprise, and an enterprise that literally falls off the radar of ordinary society.

The future of video advertising is on the Internet; and, whatever form that may take, be it “”viral advertising”” or targeted ads bringing curious visitors to a company website, an audience of hundreds of millions can’t be denied. Tools like YouTube and Comcast’s “”The Fan”” put web video in front of tens of thousands of potential customers each day. If just a fraction of those were advertisements to a company’s products (and many are), such companies stand to gain big from targeted ads distributed at rock-bottom pricing.

At Fact & Fable Productions, we aim to help you capitalize on this future. We’ll bring you news about the latest innovations in Internet e-Commerce and Video for Web, and help put you on the road to the kind of success this new revolution is opening up.

In the mean time, stay tuned. Video e-Commerce is the future of success; it is the Cool New Tool.

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