The Konnector


Video production promoting the suppliers of cables and connectors. Any and all the cables & connectors you may require to hook anything up anywhere!  No small order when you take into consideration the wide range of cables and connectors that are needed to keep you informed and available.


FIbre optics, copper cables…all of them. Think of it, how are you connected right now?  Are you on a computer?  How is it connected?  Wirelessly?  Well, that also has cables and connectors that you cannot see… then the mains, even if now you are running on the battery, it had to be charged somewhere.  TV , internet, phone…all cables and connectors.  Maybe you ski or have taken a ride on a cable car?  The list is endless.  Take a walk outside and there are most probably cables buried beneath your feet and there may be ones above your head.  Now if you drove your car to the place where you took a walk, then cables and connectors will be found in your vehicle…beginning with the battery cables!


Let’s go to the kitchen; now here you will see the toaster, the juicer, the coffee maker and the blender…all hooked by cables and connectors! Go to the bathroom and even the shower may have a cable.


But here’s something to leave you with:  did you know that they are now sure that the Egyptians had wireless connections?  I’ll bet most of you did not know that  but the historians argue this point:  look at all the images within the pyramids and you’ll see that they hold on the end of a seeming stick, what appears to be a light orb.  It looks like a sort of light bulb. There are rays emitting from it.  Now consider that there is no soot or any trace whatsoever of charcoal to provide evidence that they used a torch.  Those that have studied this will tell you that the Pyramids are little more than generators… their very specific alignment to certain star constellations, introduce that they found a way to either harness or generate power from that constellation – in this case, Orion.


Now fast forward to our recent past and note that Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, discovered the wireless connection by connecting the dots left by Michael Faraday.  Faraday developed the electromagnetism by building and ‘working’ the engineering of the ‘cage’. Now known as the ‘Faraday Cage’.   This is belived, by many to be a modern day replica of the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ mentioned in Biblical times.  It was a type of generator and was taken to the battle field and it’s absence would most certainly have signalled their defeat and doom.


At this time you will have done one of two things: signed off on this article by either concluding that I’m certifiably nuts or, two I would have generated in you sufficient curiosity to go and investigations in order to draw your conclusions.


Remember, Tesla is best known for developing the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system.  Had we followed his lead and the marvel he demonstrated at the Chicago World’s Fair at the turn of the century, then we would have been like the Egyptians of ancient days, connected wirelessly to the ‘current’.  Free of charge; pun intended.  Instead, due to the power of money and politics, we followed Edison’s line; pun intended, and got hooked permanately.

We’re forever wired to our ruthless Master.  Mind you, we can always elect to live ‘off the grid’.


Tesla became a recluse and when he did make his odd appearances he would make non-sensical statements that earned him the reputation of a ‘mad scientist’  Nikola Tesla died penniless and without honour or recognition. While his counter part, Thomas Edison, smartly suited, flower in the lapel, spit shinned shoes excelled and could have afforded solid gold shoes had he been able to find ones comfortable enough to wear.


Perhaps it’s worth considering how ‘stupid’ won and why…?

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