Train Home:Artist’s Profile

The Train Home – An Artist’s Profile

A bitter-sweet tale with a lesson for us all. This video chronicles a woman’s journey home after the sudden, untimely death of her husband. While travelling home she remembers scenes from her childhood and those appear as B & W photos. Lee McGowan is a painter and upon her return she established an art’s studio where she paints and teaches painting as well as various arts & crafts. Laddie Ray Melvin is the singer-songwriter featured in the video.

The Historic Washington Hotel was a major landmark of it’s day and still is; the Artist / Painter’s story that this short documentary excerpt chronicles, grew up in this town of Metaline Falls, Washington, and her mother, who also tragiclly passed away suddendly, was a Pastry Chef at this hotel while a young woman. Lee McGowan, vowed while still a young girl that one day she would return and buy this Hotel… everyone found it very amusing if not sad, and perhaps her way of dealing with the early loss of her mother… but I wonder what they thought when she did return home and purchased this hotel.

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