Tibetan Tea – Natural Energizer!

The process of identifying a concept, that not only publishes a brand, declares it’s hometown, claims a world wide market by stamping it as ‘Tea Without Boarders’ to run parallel to the ‘Doctor’s Without Boarders’ and echo it’s fundraising efforts, offer it up as a bit of fun to the youth on college campuses and have it introduce an advertising campaign that will run in conjunction with a scavenger hunt was a tall order. This video introduces a series that has a multipurpose mission.

Three more videos are on the time line slated for release later this year.  One showcase’s the elegant, energizing and completely natural sourced ingredients. The other is an intense action sequence built on the premise of Parkour the famed martial art that’s used in the stunts seen in Hollywood feature films.

Some of the obvious choices in this video promo for Tibetan Tea was to illustrate that it’s on the move and moving up!  It’s everywhere… and always has been. A thirsty Astronaut, holds the tea in his hand, presumably to quench his thirst, well,… it is rather dry on the moon.  Even the sky is not the limit for this product, after all, there’s  footprints on the moon!  Putting iconic worldwide locations like Venice brags sophistication,  product placement of the Tibetan Tea logo on the Double Decker bus in New York, NY, and the cable car in San Francisco is just plain fun and boastful.

But the real fun was opening the product identity with the solemnity of Tibetan Monks chanting, the Dali Lama’s product endorsement then we cut to:  ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’s retro signage with Jerry Lee Lewis blaring ‘Great Balls of Fire’ as a soundtrack.

So,…what else do you want to know?! Being a Monk is not easy… and producing this product launch video was not easy.. especially when you consider that it is aimed at college age youth who abound in health and vitality… chanting with Tibetan Monks may not be top of the list, and listening to Jerry Less Lewis sing the lyrics he’s singing, well,…it’s timeless.