Time To Slow Down

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

This was the only way I could think of, at the moment, to respond to a prospect that was in a super hurry to leap into producing a video that was to represent their company.  This video frenzy will surely backfire because people generally have good taste & they usually know the difference between a well stacked sandwich or just two slices of bread posing as one!

Video production is an art form; this does not mean you need to hire a professional to produce one for you, in fact, those costs are often prohibitive during these economical times.  I see that as a good thing!  This may surprise you, since producing video is how I make my living.  But a tight budget does have a way of drawing attention to what’s essential.  We are all inclined to trim the fat and get down to some bare bone essential marketing tools.  The video that enjoys the most views is often the one that entertained while it informed.  It told a story.  What’s more, is that the story does not necessarily need to candidly sell the product or service…but, it does have to sell the story teller.

With a bit of careful planning, I’m convinced, and have evidence to support that conviction, that a small business owner can make a very impacting video to sell products and services far better than an ad does in the local press, or a sign posted on a billboard. Many times it totally out performs the professional who was hired to produce the video, but did not take the time to learn about the company.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Firstly, the small business owner in in charge – completely; all controls to speak with authority regarding the product or service on offer is in their hands.  All they have to do is to really think what problem this product or service solves.  The consumer is shopping for a solution, not a thing.  Present what this product or service offers and do so with honesty.  If you are in an industry that has a competitor on every street corner where you live, or every other page of the internet…then get creative.  Find a way to entertain your client and prospect alike…engage them in a conversation, then whatever you’re selling, when they find themselves in the market for it, you stand a far better chance of coming to their mind than the billboard or advertisement.

Parable, metaphor, simile, sermons from stones or stories from your kitchen, your garage, these stories are what engage us because it lets us know that you are in the same position that we are…and, though it may sound too simple to believe, we buy from our peers, we ask them for advice and assistance and we do so because we trust them. You cannot trust someone you do not know.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Video may make magic but producing it is not.  Really think about your service or product, what is is really!?  What does it really do?  If you sell a product that is replicated everywhere, like insurance, for example, or a carpet cleaner, or a pizza parlour, then take the time to discover how your company is different from all the rest.  Maybe it’s you!  Maybe, that’s the only thing that sets you apart from the pack.

Produce a video that communicates that.  Story sells and facts tell.  Tell us a story about you and how you got into your business and why you stay in it.  Tell us a story about how your ship nearly sunk but how it was saved and is now even better for it.  Tell us a story about how pleased you were that you could afford to buy something for your spouse, or your children, or send flowers to your mother.

Tell me a story.  I’m listening, and you know what, millions of people listen to real stories. Especially reel stories! (sorry, had to get it in, didn’t I ! )Stories tell the truth about life and the truth is all we ever wanted to know. And here’s something even better, this story you will tell with honestly and no wizzy-wigs, maybe you’ll just sit in front of your iPhone Camera or the video camera in your computer, or smart tablet, and you’ll just think about how your product or service got hooked up with you, and this will be a true Branding Video.  It is the very essence of your company, distilled into a simple, honestly stated video production.  It will cost you some time.  It will take some effort, but you’re going to feel good about this process.  Here’s why: because that creative process you go through will make you feel so alive and so inspired that everyone who views it be be able to see who you really are…then they can connect and that is the best social media in the business.  It’s the best commercial and marketing tool you will ever make.

Now if you’re tempted to think that I’ve either waxed lyrical, or perhaps just lost my mind, then think again. All of our products and services are sought and bought to satisfy something…be it a problem or the longing to see, hear, recognize, and have as our own, the Truth.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

I am, of course available for this conversation, should you wish to pick up the phone or email me with a time to connect.  I love my work and I can be of assistance to you in the production of video to sell your product or service.  I can be hired to also advise you, guide you while you produce your own video.  Frankly, I find in that option the greatest of rewards.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for slowing down long enough to finish this blog. Now, you know you need video, right?  So what’s the hold-up?!

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