Using Video to Sell Something

Video that sells products & services must first define a demographic.

Video production doesn’t have to be expensive. You need to develop ONE  focused concept.  Selling means you’re competing for the  buyers attention.

Fact & Fable Uses:

  • Images to sell,
  • Sound to sell,
  • Script to sell.

This video is meant to persuade you to try this wine and prefer it over the brand you bought last week.

Is the lemon peel & fresh cut lime more compelling when viewed as video than read as words?

  • Did the video generate curiosity about the wine?
  • After watching the video did you search to see if their competitors had videos?
  • Did the video raise the profile of the wine cellar in your mind?

Now that we’ve got that thirsty shopper moving in our direction and away from the other guys products, let’s compete for his attention.  Let’s greet this potential buyer with something more than words, discounts or coupon codes.

He’s thirsty, pour the man a glass of wine, turn the sound up on that scintillating pour; it’s chilled, get condensation on the glass, light it. Entice him! You’re selling what he wants to buy, so help him make a decision!  Sell the romance, sell your savoir faire, sell your skills and bring your own passion about your product to the screen.

‘Hello, you Gorgeous Thirsty Shopper You…do you have any idea whatsoever how delicious this wine is going to taste when pair it with:   NOW, bring in those sumptuous menu items …

  • Baguettes that look fresh baked and exotic, artisan cheeses – just flown in from Europe!
  • Gorgeously coloured fresh picked fruit…
  • Crab, just in from Alaska – not even dressed yet.
  • Hot bubbling macaroni & cheese! and OMGoodness…so much more!

The type of video you just watched can be put to work  as a dedicated ‘Cyber Employee’.  It will work tirelessly at what ever job you assign to it.  While you’re sleeping or serving another customer… it will be out there selling.  It can, and will, serve you as:

  • Video e-mail;
  • Branding Video;
  • Product Launch;
  • Front Page Website;
  • Inform Wine Club Members;
  • Pull Traffic to your Landing Page/ Website, from Social Media like YouTube, FaceBook, etc.

 It’s staggering to note the effort applied to tracking down a new client and how little is invested in keeping the loyal one. It’s like a love affair; a token gift and some attention once in awhile goes a long ways towards rekindling a relationship.

Don’t forget to resell your product to your existing customer. It’s good to remember that someone, right now, in your very industry is trying to sell them their brand and discard yours!

Think ‘more conversation’  &  less monologue. They don’t want more tired sales pitches. They prefer visual persuasion.

Video is the most cost effective marketing tool in the world.

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