VideoTrailers Promoting Workshops/Courses

This is a ‘trailer’ created to promote a Workshop – so it’s not officially a ‘video book trailer’ but it does give you a good idea on how effective a video would be when considering the big task of promoting a workshop or seminar.

We can also take these mini trailers, be they produced for e-books from the self-publishing world, or someone who have a lecture circuit, provides one of the many ‘coaching services now proliferating in online marketing, including all the many varieties classrooms & courses conducted online – whatever, you need to promote,

Video is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

There are so many ways you can produce these ‘trailers; you could have part of it as a slide show featuring images that convey more than words do about your course or book, or you could combine it with your ‘talking head’ introduction and maybe add  a testimony or two – they could speak on your behalf in video format, just have the text online with them or someone else narrating.

If you conduct retreats, then maybe a photograph or two of the setting, maybe include what will be served as lunch…. you get the picture?!  Create a sales tool, or hire us to create one for you and then this simple tool can be published into the nether reaches of CyberSpace and it becomes your Cyber Employee!  It will work for you night and day, all day, every day and what’s more, it works for you everywhere you can’t be.

Video: ‘The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’

In addition to our service as a video production company, we can also plug these videos into some very aggressive ‘off site’ SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) so that the video pulls traffic to your website or your social media.  And that’s not all the promotional tools we can attach to your video; we can plug it with tools like ‘viral prospectors, video postcards, etc. and all of these are formatted with ‘lead capture’ capabilities.

Next time you want to have a packed seminar, workshop, fundraising event, or sell you E-Book, get in touch with us and let’s discuss your many options.  You’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how affordable this package can be.

Thank you for your time & happy prospecting to you!

Fact & Fable Production Team

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