Video e-Cards

The Video e-Card we produce is not to be confused with the now commonly seen graphic e-card. Those, sometimes entertaining, sometimes political commentary e-cards, are sent to us by friends, family and colleagues.  While they can be designed to serve many purposes, maintaining loyal customers or engaging new prospects is usually not one of these purposes.

When you consider sending cards of any kind, through the postal service to your client base the costs can be prohibitive.  Whereas, sending one of our professionally crafted video e-cards, can cost as little as $79.99 and can be sent to 10 or 10,000 recipients.

Add on prices are incurred when you opt to have your branding, such as logo, or special message appear within the video itself.  However, contact information of your choice appears on the template of the card for no extra charge, but does not appear within the video.

Templates are artistically designed and can represent a season or a festive holiday.  Package prices are offered for 4 cards p.a. begin at $249.

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