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Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Send out a Video Newsletter and you’ll be happy you did, because then when you ask them this question…“Did you get my newsletter?” especially if they are in front of you, they won’t need to churn an excuse and with a blushed face offer it to you!  After all, how many of these little time consuming devils do your read?  How much do you want to know about what they are now doing?

Let’s turn this around and put a more positive light on it..yeah, there’s a concept, ‘bring up the lights’!  Instead of sending a document, send a simple video… make the video right from your laptop computer and ‘tell’ them what’s on offer this month; an invitation to a launch party or a vintage release – maybe you tell them that you’ve put in a 20% discount coupon code for your latest product or service..but first they need to answer 3 questions about how we can better serve you.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in that simple gesture:

  • You’ll engage them in a conversation not just a monologue; if they are already your clients, they will likely want the discount coupon – and asking them to help you tighten up your marketing is also likely to be appreciated; your simple quiz could be all about your product or service and this should be a fun activity and enlighten your existing customer base. In fact, when these are successful, your clients begin to look for them and the delete button is less likely to be pressed!
  • You’ll be attaching a sophisticated tracking device, unseen by them but full reports available to you. Besides asking them to answer your questions and involve them in making your service more tuned to their preferences, they’ll be able to see you when they view the video and personally gift them the discount coupon, and much more.
  • Your video newsletters can be put into a sales funnel for you, and instead of just sending them to your data base of harvested emails, you’ll be able to send it out to locate new customers for you! This will grow your database of potential customers.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

Video Newsletters are so easily produced – if you don’t want to record your message from your laptop…. commonly called a ‘talking head’ video… then put in another video. If you are using this device as a business tool you may want to put in some sort of commercial that pertains to your business, e.g.  if you participate in an affiliate program you can attach that offering or own a home based business that works thru a MLM…they typically have pre-produced videos to support your marketing and advertising efforts.

  • Suppose you are a wine maker, then whip out your smart phone or tablet and record something about the process you undergo to make wine for your consumers. The vineyard, the harvest, the bottling process, or pour a glass or two and ask some of your customers come in and taste and talk then send that video to your wine club. Now its the wine clubs peers that are reporting not the obviously self interested Vintner.  Video Newsletters offer a plethora of choice for those of us on tight budgets. You don’t need to buy an expensive commercial spot on your local TV or Radio station when you’ve got many ways to promote only to your local market buy fully implementing the tools available in these Video Newsletters.
  • Here’s another one we did; a Pastor conducting a Funeral / Life Tribute, that one of his aged Parishioners couldn’t attend, so the laptop was placed in front of the church and the occasion was recorded…. then sent into the Video Newsletter to all who could not attend. This can be done for any business meeting, baptisms, celebrations, sermons or lectures, etc. (not to forget that some churches are still publishing a paper newsletter at great cost.  Imagine the options now available by using one of these video newsletters – the list is endless.

Why not give us a call and let’s explore the options that are now available to you. If you have any doubts at all about the how much more effective video is to plain text, also ring us, we have plenty of statistical gathering directories we can offer you access to and that way you’ll be able to draw from you own conclusions.

Sometimes its just enough to remember how much Google invested when they purchased YouTube.  Everyone should draw the simple conclusion that the folks at ‘google’ didn’t do it to sit and watch the many videos we post up there! LOL   The merger of Google and YouTube was a stroke of genius as far as the world wide opportunity it created in the marketing and advertising of anything..anywhere..all day…everyday..all night too!

By the way, when you do get in touch we think you’ll be astonished at how affordable this all is…a one time set up cost of $250 and $35 p.m.  OR we’ll produce the video for you and get it into our Video Newsletter and then dispatch out to a dialed in targeted audience.  Video, combined with useful information is a message with a mission… it is advertising high on steroids and as ‘bread cast out upon the waters’ it will work for you.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World

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