Video On Demand: Web Commercials Make a Difference

Now that you have a website, what else can it do for you?

  • It’s a Cyber Employee—working all day, every day; it’s workplace is worldwide.
  • It’s an employee—does not require health insurance, is never paid for overtime (because it works all the time), never rings in sick Monday morning or sneaks off early Friday afternoon.
  • Your Cyber-Employee works in the wondrous and magical world of CyberSpace. It follows your every command—precisely, without editing, or altering, the mission you sent it to accomplish.
  • It’s never bored of repetition—tell it what you want it to do and it will repeat it over and over.
  • It’s a Virtual Sales Rep. The better equipped that Salesperson is, the greater chance you have of placing your product or service in front of the targeted prospect.
  • A website is a shop window open to the world, the trick is to make your website portal locatable and memorable.

In today’s market place, boxes filled with words won’t cut it.

Websites can communicate care; they can nurture the client with well thought out writing, provide decision making tools, like video, and guard and guide the enquirer with thoughtful links.

A website can be either self serving, or personal and personable;

Here’s a favorite quote of mine:

“Tell me, I forget; show me, I remember; involve me, I understand.”

The website video is today what the photograph on the business card was to yesterday.

Film is the 21st century’s art form … it’s all forms of entertainment rolled into one: it can be music or sound design, literature and poetry, a painting, theatre, dance, etc.

Video-on-Demand is like the door-to-door sales rep. It provides a demonstration that can be viewed in the privacy of one’s own sanctuary.

Web-Video or commercials on the web are most successful when they are entertaining—and informative. It’s a teaching tool and learning, if it’s to be enjoyable, needs to be entertaining and informative. Those very clever and innovative commercials, you have noticed, are more often than not, minimalist.

It’s the sophisticated understatement that involves the viewer and leaves them with the feeling that they’ve discovered a secret or are among the elite who really understand the point to be made.

The commercial or web video can be a beautiful moment or a mini story which provides momentary reprieve from the hustle and hassle of everyday living. The more memorable it is the more likely you are to have a repeat viewer who brings a friend or two. This “viral video” then becomes a very effective Cyber-Employee.

To illustrate this, we posted out Christmas Card up on three video portals: Revver, MetaCafe, and YouTube. In less than ten days, we were able to verify that our video e-Card had been copied to dozens of other web portals. It was viewed in 27 countries, and circulated on the iPhone Social Networking community.

Consider the cost. How much you would have spent in achieving that level of Market Position and Product Placement. Advertising Campaigns and Market Strategies, when launched in Cyberspace, can seriously improve your Annual Report.

No one will be able to forget the Viral Video series, “Will It Blend.” Those blenders flew off the shelves; customers hunted them down and purchased them. Convinced consumers Googled the product, and for months the UPS trucks and FedEx vans were delivering these throughout the country.

Video, crafted with intent, placed on your website, and sent out into the world can accomplish more than you may imagine.

This is the best method to score higher Search Engine Ranking or Optimization. As a matter of fact, many of the leading search engines, such as Google and Yahoo now give priority placement to web sites with video.

It’s primary goal is to evoke and steer emotion. The head may lead the direction but it’s always the heart that makes the decision.

The well crafted web video can be demos, infomercials, mini lectures, whatever the subject, they disarm the would be buyers objections. Seeing is believing over and over again.

Let us show you how.

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