Bold Eats – Gourmet Fast Food


This video was created as a support in launching the product; it’s focus was to demonstrate that fast food does not have to be bad food… displaying the natural ingredients and the quickness of it’s preparation was essential for this TV commercial.

Currently, there are 7 selections to choose from in this very tasty, create at home, fast food.

We framed three easy steps:

  • Sear
  • Simmer
  • Serve

We used the sound design as a subliminal suggestion in ‘quick as a fiddle’ (not sure why the fiddle is branded that way, but it is! The music chirps along, is somehow folksy yet elegant. It keeps pace with the promise that the product is deliciously delivered from:

Your Freezer to Your Plate in just 15 min.  It works… quick as a fiddle !

Guilt free… all natural ingredients in the box… from the freezer to your table, in 15 min. Bold Eats, a genius of culinary delights! Layered aromatic spices combined with wholesome ingredients.

The demographic that this product is conversing with are upwardly mobile couple, health conscious, 33- 45 yr. old.

An absolutely wonderful product. Honestly, I’m a Chef myself, and these ingredients are wholesome and the layering of spices is exotically specific.  Curtis, the Chef who collaborated in the the developing of this product, clearing knew what he was doing.

Curtis teaches a Master Class a the Culinary School at the Spokane Community College & Tom & Leslie have an absolute passion for supplying a superb product and this business has been in the family for over 40 yrs.

Fact & Fable Productions was selected to shoot the presentation video for the annual Agora Awards Ceremony and since Angus Meats were the recipient of that award, we of course came to know them.

We toured their facility and frankly it was eye opennig to learn all that we did on the subject of how these processing plants are secuntized and the sanittaion that is applied in order to keep us all safe.  Believe, us, when we tell you that to have Angus Meats supply such a standard of product to the local community here in Spokane, we are privileged.

For those of you who are local, you may be surprised to learn that Angus Meats supply the Davenport Hotel, Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and D’lish Burgers on Division (Spokane) with their meat products… not to mention, of course, the Bold Eats product line.

You can find this product in your local freezer department.  Check for product placement on their website.