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NewMediaResources, Inc. Now Offering:

Website Commercials (generic)  @ $249     (30 sec.)
Seasonal Holiday Video e-Cards @ $79.99  (30 sec.) 
-the ‘video commercials’ are generic and separated into specific industries;
-the ‘seasonal video e-Cards’ help to retain good ‘customer relations’;
-all video productions include your company logo/branding, all for $249;
 add-ons of photographs (of staff/ business premises) or personal messages, extra charge.

For an additional sum commercials can be formatted for TV broadcast and cut sharp into 15 / 30 / or 60 sec. lengths.

For example if you’re in the catering business, then the professional footage & photographs that appear in your video commercial will be drawn from images that represent the world of food & drink; it may include food preparation, the dining experience, pouring wine into a glass, etc. The background sounds may be atmospheric of a restaurant or cocktail bar, sizzling food on a grill, etc., all edited to appropriate music. These videos are suitable for display on the following:

•    Company Website;
•    Social Media (Face Book, YouTube, etc.);
•    Video Email Campaigns;
•    Wine Clubs & the like;
•    Forums, etc.;
•    Landing Pages.

This 60 sec commercial is for a national company with regional representation (DayIn/ The graphics that appear incurred additional charges;

Video e-Cards are not to be confused with the familiar ‘graphic cards’ that friends, family and colleagues email us. Those graphic cards are typically not suitable to promote your business to your hard won clientele.

•    Think of Hallmark Cards in motion.
•    A unique way to keep your brand visible.
•    A way to say “Thank You” and say it often.
•    An opportunity to invest & retain a client rather than spending more to acquire a new one.
•    Put simply, it’s Customer Care.

E-Cards designed to commemorate major holidays or seasons:

•    Thanksgiving;
•    Christmas or Channukah;
•    Valentines Day;
•    Easter or Passover;
•    July 4th, etc.

Considering the cost of buying and/or printing Holiday Cards, stuffing envelopes, addressing them, buying stamps… wouldn’t a one time charge of $79.99 be a great savings as well as value added to your company?  Imagine the ease of one e-card emailed to your entire clientele.  Just to be sure you got that, a one time charge of $79.99 to send an e-card to anyone you’ve got an email address for.  Fact & Fable Productions is available to assist you in developing an online presence by putting videos to work for you.

We consider “Video As The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.”  We look forward to being of service to you.

Thank you,
Petrushka Pavlovich

Creative Director

NewMediaResources, INC