Godiva Chocolate

Here’s a few comments explaining a bit about constructing the architecture used to published this concept to video.

Let’s face it, chocolate is not that difficult to sell; the passion for chocolate does not claim a gender bias and the desire for it does not typically diminish as we age.  But to grab the attention of chocolate lovers away from your competition, and change their brand preference to yours,… you’ll need to tell them why your chocolate will satisfy them better than the one they’re throwing their money at!

So, you’re fortunate enough to have a chocolate branded ‘Godiva’ why not weave a web suited to the fantasy it conjures ,…hummmn?  Why leave any weapon in the arsenal unleashed? Reaching,.. deep down, to how a woman feels when she eats chocolate (especially if it was gifted) we locate the Diva Goddess… wrap that empowering conviction, that every woman deserves to experience the Goddess within, no matter her station, and then we sell her the elixir that promises to deliver that magic.

With a brand like Godiva, you needn’t fabricate a legend my darling: you summon one – Lady Godiva, who can be forgiven her famed midnight ride; after all, how was she to know that on this particular evening, (full moon shining bright, of course) and after consuming a box or two of chocolates, at the precise stroke of midnight, she was inspired with the irrepressible urge to strip, butt naked, climb up onto her horse and ride straight down the main street of her hometown.

Now whether you think this an act of Goddess or Madness is of little concern because it did happen and history records the fact… there’s no fable in this narrative. I assure you. Facts, my Dear, only the facts.

There is, however, a bit of musing around exactly how her gorgeous white mare suddenly transformed into a stunning chocolate stallion.  Now that’s what I call chocolate! Beats the hell out of Cinderella’s coach inspired from a pumpkin and 6 white rats!

In this video, a private moment, during which a nibble or two of chocolate is stolen away by this office girl.  The intoxicating delivery of Nina Simone’s  “I Put a Spell On You’… because you’re mine… you better watch the thing you do,…honey, I ain’t lyin’… ”

And the spell is cast and you hope that the next time this young lady or any lady at all, feels the sudden urge to eat chocolate, she remembers this video advertisement and decides to try Godiva, perhaps for the first time…. for the Goddess in her.