Irish Tourist Board


This video was produced for the Irish Tourist Board;  it portrays an Ireland of yesteryear, still found today; I know, I found and shot it, and I did not have to look far.

Those of you who are experienced travelers and savvy historians will know what I’m talking about.  Ireland abouds with bustling city’s like Dublin… until recently, it was the richest country in Europe!

I won’t go on to wreck your experience of these two Irish Internet commercials by talking when frankly the images do a better job of conversation.  I do have to let you in on a few secrets however;

You’ll see a Harp resting beside a bog, and it also rides in the cart toted by the horse, the horses name is Penny, and she was learning to pull this cart… they race them there.  She was inspired, I do hope, by the bunch of fresh carrots I fetched for her, tops attached, of course, to steady a ride for me.  The Harps name was ‘Finlay’, he doesn’t perform much these days, but in his prime, he supplied the Harpist you hear playing with sufficient support to garner her several world wide awards!

What a cast!  How could I have ever feared failing my mission.

Trust me, you’ve no idea how soul satisfying producing these videos was.

When you visit this Isle of romance, violent history, legends and lore, music, poetry, dance… you are altogether elsewhere… and you beg the gods to not bring you back.

An Internet Web Commercial created for the Irish Tourist Board, portraying traditional Ireland. Produced by Fact & Fable Productions,

Harpist:  Pattie Brasil  ( consummate musician who now teaches at a prestigious music school in Dublin, still performs and tutors privately.)  Oh my goodness… listen again to the exquisite timing in her delivery of these ancient traditional compositions.