Mobile Horseshoeing

This was one of the most enjoyable videos to produce; what’s not to like about the open country, a beautiful horses, and an old world craftsman?  Somehow, I knew that someone had to be shoeing the horses but I think I locked that back into a yesteryear and did not think of it as having a place anywhere in todays modern world.

It was in the old western movies, or turn of the century historical dramas that I’d placed the Farriers. It was somehow wonderful to see this old world craftsmanship up close and personal and then to consider that as long as we have horses, the Farrier will also be with us….keeping them well shod.

I’d seen and filmed Farriers before, the forge, leather shafts, metal files, hammer n’ nails, etc. all familiar. but this guy was different. Watching how quiet and obedient the horses became in his presence… it brought to mind the way bees respond to their chosen ‘Bee Charmer’.  The horseshoers flawless skill in trimming the hooves, heating the iron to be able to beat the shoes into shape, then hot footing the shoe to a perfectly calm horse. Memorable.

When you look at this video, imagine how precise the Farrier has to be to heat and mold that metal so that it will fit perfectly to the hooves. I loved the finishing touches… how he filed down the few centimeters of the shoe so that it was flush to the hooves.  The hammering of small nails into the shoe to attach it to the hooves was a bit nerve wracking….but the horses didn’t seem to mind.

The rig this Mobile Horseshoer had was impressive; the forge was fueled by gas and was mounted so that he could form the shoe by hammering it out on the anvil he also had in the back of the truck.