Monarch Red Madame Butterfly


This video was intended to draw both the Wine Club and the viewing public to Latah Creek Cellars newly released series: Monarch Red.

The new series marks nearly 30 yrs of wine making. Choosing a name like Monarch makes sense if you’re crowing yourself with the crown of congratulations. And believe me, they deserve to do so. But, when I went around with my gallop poll as part of my research before producing this video, I discovered that when the word ‘Monarch’ is mentioned, no one see’s a Sovereign King… ruler of the mighty, royal and elegantly seated upon a thrown in and among the vintage oak barrels!! I jest!

In this ‘neck of the woods’, they see in their minds eye, a Monarch Butterfly. Now to the word ‘Red’: they did not see a glass of red wine… so what I did was have the words modeled into 3D. I used an actual gold bouillon bar to get the texture you see on the word ‘Monarch’ and a Ruby under lights to get the texture of the word ‘Red’.

Then I had the ‘red’ fill like it were wine being poured… used an emerging butterfly from a chrysalis to speak to the birth of this series of wine and underscore what folks were already seeing in their mind through association… then put it to a nature soundtrack alongside Puccini’s beloved opera ‘Madame Butterfly’.

Several commercials were cut and the branding of Monarch Red was animated in many different ways; I’m letting you in on this so as you’ll remember that when you have your video shot and cut, get as much done in the staging and the shoot as you can because it’s the set up that usually costs the most, so this way you can stagger the editing and re cutting for different purposes without incurring unnecessary expenses.

The most important statement is one of poetry… elegance.. relaxation… status.

These folks deserve all that they are harvesting. Wonder family owned and run business. I am particularly endeared to them for their support of the arts and many local non profits.