Pete’s Computer Care


In producing this Branding Video, I wanted to overcome some very essential obstacles in the way of someone who would be considering hiring a computer technician.  In consideration of the fact that Pete, the Owner and Chief Operator of Petes’s Computer Care, who, like many ‘start-up companies’ operates out of a spare bedroom in his home, I needed to assure the would be client that he was fit for the task, holding professional qualifications, and could be trusted to provide a plethora of services.. meticulous in method, studied in process, honest in practices, and earnest in procedure.

So, I filmed him taking a computer apart and putting it back together.  The footage you see here was not rehearsed.  Look how tidy he is, how precise and careful with the computer…how focused.

I used a certain type of music to suggest precise procedure.  I created a fun opening that I think mirrors much of what most of us feel when our computer goes down..and I hung it on a well known and established brand like Dell.

Making this a bit of fun by identifying it as surgical procedure…and branding Pete as the Doctor Surgeon should underscore in subliminal way and inspire confidence.  Seeing is believing.

I also brought into this brief video the services Pete offers to his clients.

Some of you will know that Pete was the Technical Manage of the Service Department when we still had a Comp USA in Spokane.

Now for my commercial for Pete… diligent Pete that you can count on…trust… and stay a head of the curve by following him on all his social media.

Your workplace computer is as essential as one of your employees. If it goes down, it can bring down all of your employees along with your business. When you really think about, having a maintenance plan that includes monthly tuneups is one of the best insurances you could invest in. That’s why Pete calls his business ‘Computer Care’ and that, in a word, is what he does. When it comes to anything hi tech and computer related, there’s almost nothing he can’t do… and he does care,… a lot, about his clients. I know, I’m one of them.