‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

April 24, 2013

Hello Petrushka – feel free to post our brief comments to your website; please don’t publish our full name, but if anyone wants to talk to us, no problem call me or Joe first and let us know when they’ll be calling.

We just wanted to let you and everyone looking to hire you how happy we are with the videos you created for us!  We keep viewing them and, you know Joe, he’s trying to figure out how you did it!  You had a ton of info that you somehow got into that 90 second video and it does what you said it would; it explains us and why we are doing what we are doing.

Joe thinks it’s technique and I think it’s some kind of gift. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us while we argued with each other about what should be in the video!  We laugh at each other now when we remember how you sailed through it!

You are a gem; we are looking forward to you developing the store and getting the rest of our stuff onto the internet.

Bless you!  Be in touch soon.  M. Garfield.


December 27, 2012

Petrushka, firstly, we’re sorry its taken so long to get this ‘thank you letter’ written; we wanted to do this before now. Dan and I said you had a wonderful sense of humor so hopefully you will find it funny that since we’re doing taxes we remembered that we wanted to write and thank you. After the funeral life took on new duties and we were swamped.  If you ever have anyone that you feel we could talk too and give a reference, please just give them our phone number, we are so happy to support your video production company.  Dan said he did not want our contact information on this thank you in case you put it on your PR stuff.  Don’t get us wrong, we hope you do, but we don’t want to be spammed.

Anyway, the Life Tribute you did was so sweet and we are so happy that we hired you.  Mother said that when you view it, you could think that the person who made it loved George as much as we did.  Believe me, that coming from Sylvia is like the best compliment we have ever heard from her.  She said she thought you were amazing and we did not even know you were there that alone is quite amazing.

God bless you – and your work and family. Thank you.  The Millers.

To Whom It May Concern:

We just want to give a well deserved ‘shout-out’ to the Fact & Fable Video Production Team for running to our aid during our last crisis.  Thank god we found them online in the nick of time – we had a very difficult court case coming up and needed some discreet video shooting to be in the preliminary hearing.  To be honest, we were concerned that the filming of this dispute would really aggravate the the prosecutor – when we spoke to Ms. Pavlovich, the Owner of the video production company, she quickly conveyed that a bit of intimidation was often a tipping point that would sway the scale of justice to our favor.
Frankly, I thought the idea was not so smart until I listened to her for about 10 minutes and then we decided, my wife, the lawyer, etc. to hire them to shoot the hearing.  She was right, the prosecutor did not like it, but it certainly kept the issue focused and there was none of the smart ass comments from them that we had heard before!  The very fact that she was in the court room, and I want to tell you, she was like a fly on the wall, you forgot she was there; maybe that’s because we knew she was on our side!, I don’t know, I only know it really worked and was well worth the money . For obvious reasons, I cannot display my name and contact info here, but I wish I could.  We found that this company was a life saver for us and would highly recommend them for such a service. Since we won the case, we will also be hiring them to create one of their internet videos for us.

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Anonymous –  November 2012

August 1, 2012
To whom it may concern:
If you are ready to take your business to the next level,I definitely recommend Ms. Petrushka Pavlovich, owner of

Whether you own a small business, a large company or are involved in promoting a large organization (corporate or non-profit), it is to your best interest to invest time and money to increase your company’s visibility through video. Petrushka’s professional perspective and knowledge with videography, visual concepts and the human psyche is indisputable. Her marketing / branding expertise and advise will shed new insight into why your business has not quite yet reached the levels you desire.

She offers a menu of possibilities for you with beautiful, creative, professional and captivating videos to target your market. You be the judge; check out her video channel at If you want the best, you should consult with the best.
If anyone would like to connect with me for further information about Fact & Fact Productions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, Petrushka!
Luz Paez

July 9, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

I learned about the power of video by attending a mini workshop given by the owner of Fact & Fable Productions,LLC. Ms. Pavlovich just made sense – good common sense. She even advised me NOT to hire her to shoot custom video. I thought that was different. I’ve taken her advice and hired her to use our photography (of our place) to blend in with clips she already had in her collection and we are so impressed with the results we waned to recommend here services to anyone who has champagne taste but only a beer salary! What impressed my wife and I about how she worked was her attention to detail. She asked a handful of questions, (my wife says ‘more like two handfuls’) anyway, what she created from the little information we gave her is worth far more than we spent. We have no reservations in her publishing this praise!

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Warren & Sally G.

June 4, 2012
Hello – Looking for some serious help? Read:
My first introduction to Petrushka was through her creative and artistic videos.  She has a great eye for creating vivid, captivating videos for marketing and promotion.  I was impressed.  Recently I have had the pleasure of being her student as she has coached me in my personal video production and in branding my message.  Through her watchful eye and tutorage, she has taken my prior mediocre video messages and given me the tools and instruction to produce professional, well produced pieces.  Her expertise encompasses both the setting of the video (lighting, stage, sound, color) and the branding and script of the message.  In just one coaching session, her recommendations created noticeable results.  With two coaching sessions, my clients made comments to the enhancements.  Today, all aspects of my video production, marketing and branding of my message has been enhanced.  My videos are now more professional, and that is resulting in attracting a more professional audience.   Working with Petrushka has been the single most significant thing that I have done to increase the impact of my online video message.  If you are serious about building and showcasing your brand through video, I highly recommend her services.

Pearl Galbraith
Smart Income Coach

To anyone looking for good Videography:
We would recommended Fact & Fable Productions. When we hired them it was because of the videos we were able to view that they produced. Frankly, we had no idea whatsoever what went into producing videos of that quality. We learned by watching the process and sitting with the owner, Petrushka for a generous amount of time she took to discover what we wanted to do with our online marketing efforts and then what sort of video would get that job. Very detailed person and extremely through process. Like I said, we had no idea how good video is produced. I’ll say this now, because we’ve already paid our bill with them, but price wise, if anything they charge far too little!

May 2012
John S.
Online Products Expert

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

To whom it may concern:
While trying to figure out what to do with a very limited budget and still get my work out there for sale I came across Fact &Fable Productions. I read about them online and viewed their work. I checked up some of their references and decided I wanted to work with them.

When I viewed their videos I was impressed with how the images flowed and combined with music, as well as how they told a story. It’s only common sense that if you can keep the attention of the viewer long enough to tell them a story about your product, then you would stand a better chance of selling something to them. I am not impressed with the many videos online that seem to have no thought or purpose in the way they are cut.

I hired Fact & Fable Productions first as a Media Consulting Company. We spent time determining what sort of video I needed to sell my product online and then we began production of it. We are almost ready to post the video. I would like to recommend this company if you need to learn how to use video in your internet marketing, or if you need to hire video production.

If you’d like to contact me with any questions about working with Fact & Fable Productions or it’s Owner, Petrushka Pavlovich, please feel free to email me or phone.

Denise Roberson

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Dear Petrushka,

I want to thank you again for the awesome job you did in creating the Queen of Sheba website. You exceeded my expectations and I love the final product! We receive constant comments on how easy the site is to get around and everyone loves the videos. It looks way better than our previous website. Thank you also for the wonderful video’s you created for us. They are outstanding. Thank you for sending so many people to the restaurant, we are so thankful for your spreading the word around. We really loved working with you and look forward to the next project, coming soon!

Queen Of Sheba- Ethiopian Restaurant
Almaz & Layne Ainuu

To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Petrushka of Fact & Fable Productions to make a new web site and produce video presentations for Michlitch’s new gluten free bakery. Words that come to mind are: focus, drive for excellence, creative, knowledgeable, and helpful in teaching us about the need to understand Social Media. Petrushka worked tirelessly on getting everything just right with an understanding of what we needed that far surpassed even our own understanding of our business. She could see where we needed to be while we who run businesses sometimes have difficultly seeing beyond the daily demands. Her dedication to accomplish what she was hired to do was hindered only by our slowness to understand and to act. We are so pleased with the results of her work that we would highly recommend Petrushka. Check out our new web site and you can see for yourself Petrushka’s attention to creative detail. She worked so hard behind the scenes we can actually say that she worked harder to promote our business while working for us than we did!

There is a rumor about Petrushka’s drive and determination to produce quality with a budget that is far less than the usual and it’s true! Both Don and I were amazed at how much time she spent shooting the video and the detail she caught. Really she was very interesting to watch work… and even though she’s not on the payroll, we still see her working on assisting us in getting our products in front of consumers. We are so grateful to be working with her and her team.

Spokane Gluten Free Bakery
Joyce & Don Vannoy – Owners

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

To whom it may concern:

We hired Petrushka Pavlovich in her capacity as a Media Consultant and it was well worth the $250 for the 90 minutes she spent with us. We wanted to post this here because we know that many people are as confused as we are when it comes to using video as the main promotional tool! We contracted her services to learn more about how to leverage and strategize by employing video in email campaigns as well as product launches within the arena of ‘Social Media’.

Next, we’re hiring her to produce our branding video. We are in the planning / development stage of our new venture. We don’t live in the States so we conducted the session over Skype. Very satisfied with her advice and by taking it, we’ve already saved thousands.


‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

March 2011
Hi Petrushka, sorry it’s taken us so long to write this review but you’re the blame! I’m not kidding, your online promotions has pushed more work into our door than we’ve had in quite awhile. We’ve noticed that one of the main differences is that when customers arrive with their antique treasures, they don’t seem to have concerns and ask the many questions they used to. When we ask them if they found us online, they ALWAYS say yes. So thank you again Petrushka. You are so fun to work with, can’t wait till you get back over here and do the other videos we’ve planned.

If anyone has any questions about working with this creative nut, give me a call and I’ll fill you in!!

Robbi Bumpus & Susette Swift
Plum Studio
(Custom Furniture Design / Furniture Restoration)
Seattle, WA.

Thank you Petrushka for a beautiful video of Jake”s Horseshoeing! You definitely have a true skill at your profession and I will highly
recommend you to anyone looking for a talented gifted professional as yourself. You cleverly put together a unique video of a very
talented and dedicated horseshoer as Jake. He is one of a kind! Thanks again for your down to earth, fun personality and skilled videography.

Debbie & Jake Berreth
Jake’s Mobile Horse Shoeing

To Whom It May Concern:

I wholeheartedly recommend Fact & Fable Productions to anyone needing video production to use in Search Engine Marketing. Petrushka, the Owner is a very persistent tutor and very generous with her time. We were so far behind the times and we needed to get our exclusive dating agency and our marketing methods current.

Her advice has proved so solid and has positively impacted our bottom line. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry in many aspects of film / video but I’ve yet to meet anyone more capable of capturing subtly and detail without it being obvious!

Her work is slightly edgy in just the right way, it’s not crazy edgy, it stays within an acceptable norm and somehow is still different. She uses clever ways to apply sound effects and music,….here again, sometimes it’s odd, but still works.

She taught us how to monitor our digital media. Because the videos were not for ‘public’ display, but became part of the package once people signed up…this turned out to be the best thing we did because we had so much feedback on those videos.

We’ve had a lot of people asking, “who did your videos?” We hope she gets a lot of work from these referrals, she works hard and could charge more, but I’m not going to mention that to her! We intend to continue to work with Fact & Fable and if you have any questions about them, please contact me.

Bill White

Dear Petrushka,

Thank you for all the works you’ve done for us and I want you to know that we are aware that you could’ve charged a lot more money than you did. We love our website and the videos you produced. More to the point, so does everyone else and they’ve been giving us a lot of positive feedback.

We are totally impressed with the Google Analytic reports you’ve been sending to us and it’s been exciting to learn all about the world of SEO and the new way to market on the web from you. We are starting a company up during very difficult economy and all the information you’ve provided to us about Social Media and Networking has already proved profitable. We had no idea that you were going to do all of that for us as well!

The noteworthy point about your working with us is you attention to detail; I don’t think you left a stone unturned during those interviews you conducted with us while learning about our company and the coffee industry. We would be happy to recommend anyone to you that is looking for website development or video production.

We look forward to our continued working relationship with you.

Thank you,
Deborah Di Bernardo

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’


I wanted to pass along to you feedback I’ve received from Latah Creek friends and customers. Weeks, and even months after our TV commercials aired, we are still receiving positive comments from those who saw our spots which were filmed and put together by you. The overwhelming consensus was that the commercials were much more professional that what we had used in the past and upgraded our image dramatically. Since we started using TV media for our business promotion over thirteen years ago, your spots created more positive feedback than we have ever had before. We look forward to many more positive experiences with you in the future.

Thank you.
Mike Conway
Latah Creek Wine Cellars


I had always hoped that I would be able to have video advertising produced for my business, but I was turned off by the low quality local commercials that I saw. Petrushka promised a classy, national quality production that would be truly timeless. She created exactly what I was looking for and more. My commercials have received so many amazing comments… people love them! Each one takes the viewer to a place where they can almost imagine being in our spa and experiencing what our customers are experiencing. If you are looking for something that is unique and unexpected, you won’t be disappointed with Fact & Fable Productions.”

Carrie Magruder, Owner
The BrickHouse Massage & Coffee Bar
Spokane, Wa. 509-290-6999

Hello Petrushka,

Recently I heard from two clients who saw the new web site that you designed for my business. Both said it was beautiful and looked very professional. They went on to say that it conveyed the sense that I am knowledgeable about frame restoration, frame making, gilding etc. and that my studio would be the place to find superb antique frames. Needless to say I am pleased to get positive feed back and with your attention to all the small details.
I want to continue to fine tune the site to optimize it’s look, message and pull. I will be in touch in a little bit to discuss further.

Atelier Richard Boerth
4026 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 441-4062


I would like to thank you and your team for the advice, countless hours to get it just right, the incredible logo, and beautiful web design for my company Pete’s PC & Apple Repair. I was somewhat reluctant at the beginning to spend what I considered a major expense for my growing business. You convinced me that having a professional website was not just extra exposure for my business but would provide the basis for customers to find me via the web. I have found this to be very true and a majority of my new customers find me through Google and the internet. I have had nothing but positive comments on the colors and design of my logo and website. People find it warm, friendly, and very professional. This is exactly the feeling I was after when I tried to create a website on my own and was disappointed by the results. I have benefited a great deal from your advice and I look forward to my video where my customers get to see me in action! I would highly recommend you as a professional with great attention to video detail and a great story teller and on top of that a good person. Thank you so much for the rebranding of Pete’s PC & Apple Repair which has brought me many new customers.

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Pete Anderson- Owner
Pete’s PC & Apple Repair

Spokane: 509-209-7293

Dear Petrushka,

Your work speaks for it self. You have done so many amazing video productions for business and promotionals, I love your work!
Thanks Much,
Dennis Fitzgerald – Ice Sculptor Artist
Spokane- 509-456-5650

Hi Petrushka,

I’m a little self conscious about writing a review of your video work. As you know, I can only write or talk from my experience as I watch and listen to what you have created. I can tell you that whether or not I have had an interest in any of the messages that you are presenting in the videos, I find that I am engaged at a very deep level of interest once I begin to watch. I see you work as art in motion blending beautifully with sound and telling story. After watching each of your videos, I move on throughout my day, remembering images from your work, feeling the stories and hearing the music. Well done Mizz Pea.

Bill Tierney– Broker/ Consultant
Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
Heritage Home Loans, LLC
A division of Mann Mortgage
Spokane, WA 99212
Cell 509.230.5152

Hello, Fact & Fable… so impressed with the quality of your work, We looked all over the internet for someone who could create more artistic video work and still keep to the point as well as being something we could actually afford. That violin video you did is so beautiful. Thank you so much, we are so proud of our son, he is so talented and your video has already helped us to find scholarships for him! I’m happy that we didn’t do this video ourselves! With money so tight, we were tempted.

The Sandborton Family
Denver, Colorado

To Whom it may concern:

Petrushka Pavlovich, the brains behind Fact & Fable, puts her heart and soul into every campaign she takes on. She is a professional who loves her work, her clients, and her students and displays immense talent for story telling throughthe media of film. If I could write as well as Petrushka can film, I’d be hiding from the paparazzi. Her productions are absolutely mesmerizing!


English Professor /Author
Seattle, Washington

To Whom it may concern:

The Spokesman Review in Spokane ran an article about a local video production company, Fact & Fable Productions, which won top award at an international film festival for a genealogical documentary. I viewed this documentary and hired Petrushka Pavlovich, owner, to do a life tribute of both my parents. The remarkable thing about Petrushka’s work is how far it went beyond the nuts and bolts of someone’s life, rather reaching into the content of their characters and spirits as well. My gift to my children and to their children will be – to come as close to meeting their ancestors in person as is possible by viewing this marvelous documentary.

I’m happy to refer this company. We love our video – it’s our Family Heirloom.

Irene Rice Spokane, Washington

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Thank you Petrushka for the time and advice you gave us this summer. We know that you fit us in to your already busy schedule and so your help with our situation is particularly appreciated. We are so grateful that you were referred to us and we are certain that the direction you are going to take in producing our video is the right one for our products. We are really looking forward to seeing you in November…meanwhile we would be happy for you to use us as a referral if it would be useful… everyone has a tight budget now and we found your advice so solid with common sense and your knowledge about the way the internet uses video was very informing.

Ian & Patrica O’Callaghan
Dublin, Ireland

To Whom it may concern:

I am a Real Estate Broker in Riggins, Idaho and hired Fact & Fable Prod. to create a virtual tour of a high end property that is listed with me. The time and attention to detail was remarkable. The whole experience was far more than I or the sellers expected. I would not hesitate to hire such a professional company again.

Carolyn Friend
Broker, Blevins Agency Real Estate
Riggins, ID 83549

Thank you, Petrushka! I love my video and my website…. I have a lot of people commenting on it; I’ll send them in as they arrive. With a virtual tour like that, who wouldn’t want to rent my Beach House on Camano Island How did you get it to go so well with the music? And,… how did you build a fire, cook a meal AND run the camera?! It’s amazing! I got more than I expected and would be happy to refer you.

Michele Catorie
Real Estate Broker
Bellevue, Washington

Just wanted to say that those commercials you did for The Brick House are so cool!! It was my husband that finally pointed out to me that you never really seen anyone in them and still you feel like you’re there…. or want to be! Wish I lived where they are, I know how that girl feels when she takes her heels off! I see you’ve done work over here so I gave my Governor your website address. I think the video you did for ‘Help the Aged’ is very good because you didn’t make me feel miserable when I watched it. They must be so happy with what you did for them. Good Luck, you deserve it .

Roberta Cooke
London, England

Petrushka, thanks for putting us straight on the issue of internet marketing; if you hadn’t spent all that time with us, we would have spent way too much money doing all the wrong things. Getting the site up and the video done is only the beginning and I guess we thought it would be more of an ending! and the customers would turn up!?! Well, now we know better and look forward to an ongoing relationship as we learn from you and your efforts about internet marketing. We are already enjoying, not only more visitors to the site, but more actual customers.

Thank you,

Richard and Maureen Burns

To Whom it may concern:

I’ve seen Petrushka’s videos – everything from the Zany Arts to the serious ‘let’s do business’ – and found them classy, informitive and entertaining. Having said that, I found I was a more than a little aprehensive about having Fact & Fable film for us. Video for a Hunting Outfit is a little different than the samples I’ve seen. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Petrushka took the reins in her teeth and forged ahead. So professional, decisive, compassionate and determined! The end product was more than I had dared to hope for. The DVD’s will be used in Sports Shows all over the country. If anyone would like to contact me about the work that was done, please email: Thank you, Petrushka!

Sarah Malone
Sierra, NV