Video Production Packages & Fees *

NewMediaResources, INC offers production services ranging from studio production and event capture, to low cost interviews and head-shots. Projects can cover such a wide range of possibilities making ‘boiler plate’ price setting, prohibitive.  (except for the generic ready made videos we offer as alternatives to expensive custom productions.  We are happy to provide firm quotes once the project is reviewed and has been agreed upon.

Before you take on the expense of custom video production, read the following few paragraphs and consider if you actually require custom work.

If you are a small to medium sized company, most of the time a generic video production, that is ready made and professionally, scripted, lit, shot, and edited will be perfectly suitable. Your company branding can be added as a logo, your photographs or other graphics, once added, most viewers of the video will think it’s shot on your premisis.  The video footage and photographs are generic, as such, a close up of, say an espresso being made, will not look much different than the one you make!

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Generic Video Productions:

We have ‘ready made video productions’ that are generic; these are very cost effective ways to present & promote your products and services online. If you work in the legal or accounting profession, own a restaurant or coffee bar, detail autos, groom dogs, whatever you do, we may have a generic video that can serve you.  Entry costs for these are $249 !

This is one of the best ways ever to hold down production costs.  In fact, it could be argued that expensive, custom made, video production, is, like our current economy, ‘gone with the wind’!  The reason we began to produce this type of video was in response to an every increasing appetite for video which now serves as the main cyber-tool to pull and drive traffic to your website.  The demand for video is top of the list of preferences when someone shops online or seeks to learn more about you and your company.
The style of editing offers a very believable presentation of your company even if we never physically come to your place of business.  After all, let’s say your a coffee roaster, how many different ways can we cut a video that sells that service to those who buy coffee! Dozens, would be the correct answer.  BUT, how many ways are there to roast coffee and make a espresso? Not too many. So with close up video footage, shot, lite, and edited, professionally, you stand a far better chance to make yourself appealing to your prospect.

‘Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.’

Purchasing a few generic video productions and then circulating them within your social media, featuring them on your website and in your blogs, is one very sound way of getting the message out.

Imagine having several videos out there in cyberspace working for you night and day rather than just one video featured on your website.  You can elect to have them embedded in different places on your website and then plug in an SEO or SEM package to pull the traffic to your companies offering.  OR you can put them out and about in the many social media venues and keep yourself in front of those who may be looking to buy what your selling.

Generic video production, crafted and tailored to serve you as a ‘branding video’ is an excellent choice before you consider spending a huge chunk of change on one single video.  Think about it, how many times do you view a video?  So if you have several, you stand a better chance of ‘hooking’ an interest in your new prospect.  This is why companies spend millions creating more and more TV commercials.

This following selection is offered for those who need custom video production:

The following fee schedule* is based on average rates charged by comparable videographers; it’s offered as a guideline to assist you in planning your budget.  Discounts will be made available for package projects that include the design and construction of WordPress Websites, SEO & SEM online strategies. Discounts are also offered when ‘strategic email campaigns which incorporate videos.

Day Rate -$950- 1,200; Each additional hour@ $125.00 (representing a typical shooting day of 6 hrs. Editing @ $85 p.h. ) This can include a portable Green Screen and Audio set up.

Video types suitable for a basic shoot: Virtual Tours, Interviews, Customer Testimonials, ‘Talking Heads’   (e.g., Political Statement, PSA’S, Non Profit Appeals, etc. )

Video types suitable for Corporate:  On Location Coverage (conference meetings / social events / fundraising ) Product Demos / ‘How to’ Reels;

Top Shelf Production: $4,700 – $6,600
Each. additional hour. @ $155.00

– Script Development: getting the concept right for your audience;
– Artistically Rendered Editing with Music / Sound Design;
– More than one location if nearby; needs to include drive up and drive away;

Custom Video Production:   $5, 700 +
Includes 2 hr. planning sessions with client, 1- 1.5 day shoot, consultation over editing options with client.

This category of video has multiple applications and is good, solid value.  Footage shot during this production process can be cut for multiple purposes: TV & Online Ads / Boardroom & Exhibition Presentations, email campaigns, e-newsletters, mini mailers to mobile devices, strategic email campaigns, etc.

Additional Services:

Concept Creation / Scripting: We’ll create an original concept and script for your video production. Beginning @ $750 (minimum)

Voice Overs: Professional Voice Over Artists to enhance your video is highly recommended.  Fees starts at $325  ( videos up to 2 min duration; longer voice over work incurs additional fees ) Script must be provided or additional costs will be added.

Special Effects: Including 3D Motion and animated features to enhance the production. Fees @ $155 p.h. (1 hr min.) Logo Animation – Starts @ $500; once your logo is animated you can include it with many other online digital media.  It can even be sent to a mobile device with an appointment reminder or a ‘Thank You’ to create a memorable difference.

Graphic Art: Original graphic art or graphics designed to match your existing branding; e.g. adding your logo and contact information. Fee @ $125 p.h. (1 hr. min.)

Music / Sound Library: We have an extensive Royalty Free Music Library; all music genres available including, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop, Ethnic, World Music, etc. Music may be added to your video for $75 to $325, depending on license fees. These ‘sound designs’ are not ‘run of the mill, rather ‘top shelf’ compositions.

* Fee schedule is approximate. Projects need specifics to define a quote.