Video Production: Slow Down

Video Production Notes

If you spend too much time thinking about this video you’ll probably loose some of your mind doing it! LOL  That’s the idea anyway – slowing down, which is the point of this video conversation or conversion, which ever way you want to see it, is the essence of the distillation process.  The very essence of a person a place or a thing is more often than not, the most beautiful succinct poetry.

Video Production: Brand Coke On Moon

It is ALL of IT edited to the very core.  It’s the heart beat of it… your business, be it a service you offer or a product you produce has a heart beat and that is it’s poetry.  Simple, concise, clear.

When most folks begin the process of communicating their business offering to the consumer they typically throw the whole tamale at them! LOL  But time and time again, I’ve found if you can dial that down to a bite size piece and make it appetizing, the prospect will want more.  If you give it all to them be it in hard copy or digital press, they’ll be overwhelmed and want to run.


I wonder if you listened to the lyrics in that song that underpins the video production?  It really says it all.  I attempted to communicate with every image… like the ice sculpture that mother nature created and the vast rolling ocean that lay behind it as her raw materials.  The ocean has a poetry and so does the single drop of water that its made up from.  Achieving that balance between over all look and feel and the details that make your product or service unique is not an easily achieved task.


When producing video and the tools used to display it like a website or the content of it like the blogs, social media integration, etc. ‘slowing down’ is such a smart move but rarely employed. I think it’s because we live so fast paced and the market moves fast too.  We usually are so ‘run off our feet’ ( i love that expression – it’s very funny) that we fear if we take too much time between getting to the task of ‘getting it up online and out there’  then we’ll never finish it.


Video produced with a blend of details, without appearing to be pointing them out and giving the viewer the room to draw their own attention to what they want is all about well crafted branding video, especially when its to serve as a video sales tool.  It should be a recognized signature of the company its selling.

This is not to minimize or leave out the videos that are shot on the mobile devices and then uploaded to social media like Youtube or other sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I for one, in spite of my being a videographer, celebrate the level playing field now open to all who can hold a video camera or lie down with one and turn it on! LOL


There is room for all sorts of videos…having said that, its a smart business owner who bears in mind that those videos are often the first impression of our company.  My suggestion to taking advantage of the very affordable self made and published videos are to have a well crated intro and outro to bookend all of the videos you upload.  This bookend ties down your brand and once established should not be broken except for some good reason.  Some of the very big international companies with time honored and established brands can tell you that making a change for the change’s sake cost millions of dollars in lost revenue while the consuming public wondered what the hell they were doing that for?!  Was the product now different too!?


Branding video production, must sometimes honour the established brand if its been established. Some times there is a logo or a colour palette. Sometimes there are consumer expectations on how a brand should appear for any given industry – breaking it can be wonderfully successful like Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin’ as his lead title for everything – sometimes you break that publics expectation at your peril.  Like you could sell chewing gum by displaying a tree or you can fail at it…its all about how you tie that over all feel you’re wanting to achieve in with the details that the consumer will not only like but want to remember.

The best video to produce in my opinion is to state the truth, nothing but the truth and be sure it’s one you want to stand by and defend!

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