Video Sits ‘Top Shelf’ As The Leading Edge Online Marketing Tool.

Here’s a statistic that multiple, leading marketing companies have published in several annual reports:

97% of those viewing online videos, will click out of it in less than 10 seconds, if it does not deliver a message that’s engaging. You’ve done that and so have I.

Now here is a simple test:  go to YouTube or the like, Google, AOL, pick any web portal. view a few videos on subjects that you have a natural interest in and time yourself to see how long you watch that video.

We believe that we can take your business and craft a video sales tool that entertains while it informs.  As you walk your prospect through your sales process, that online video will help secure the sale.

Video:The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

(Please also see the Generic Video Productions we offer and craft into Branding Videos for your company – you’ll find them on our ‘Products’ page. 

The creative process we follow when approaching Video Production is:

We interview you; gather everything you’re willing to tell us about your company and what market you’d like to sell to. We find out from you, what’s worked and what hasn’t.

We research what your competitors are doing, and if it is working, we help you do it better.  We research what your demographic wants from your industry and then we begin the process of crafting a video that converses with that audience.

Social Media is a ‘Conversation’.  Video is a ‘leading’ and arguably the most versatile tool to locate where that ‘conversation’ is already happening and link you to it.  Video is a vehicle that leads your prospect to you.  It doesn’t hit them over the head with your latest sale discounts, paired with a link to Map Quest so they can find you!

We don’t give them a ‘Virtual Tour’ if they don’t care about or have a reason to view your premises; we don’t give your demographic a ‘Talking Head Video’, if it’s a Product Demo that they’re wanting.  And we don’t talk at them in a monologue when it’s a dialogue they seek.

This ‘conversation’ is your sales tool. It has been scientifically proven that when information is communicated by using both audio and visual media, which is what video does, the mind can record and recall it’s contents 9 times better than when sound and image are separated.

Video:The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.

A well designed, crafted to deliver a message, and produced video is a Cyber Employee at work for you 24/7;  It’s everywhere you cannot physically be. It’s at work while you sleep.  The internet is the marketing and advertising environment and video is the tool of choice.

Video can assist in optimizing your web presence. Strategic e-mail campaigns, created for specific markets and demographics can be monitored down to the most minute detail.  When these details are gathered they can be used to further modify the emails thus pinpointing your market with even more accuracy.

Did you know, that sending an email on one day of the week will bomb?  Send the same email on another day of the week, at the right time, and it will fly. And the day of week can change, depending on the industry!  It’s true; marketing companies glean and publish this information annually.

Did you know that your email list is not a data base?  but,.. within that email list you could extract very useful information to build a data base and profit from it at the same time that you serve your customer.

Video e-mails are probably the most effective sales tool available to us. A video has to be something more than images wriggling on the screen… it has to move somebody and deliver a single message to the right person.  A video camera pointed at a subject or object is simply not enough to produce a video that will serve you as a sales tool. In order to create a video, basically a cyber employee, that goes out there and advertises and markets your business, the message has to be crafted—it has to be distilled.

Think of it as an informed marketing agent or an invaluable Personal Assistant…think of it as the Yellow Pages, the magazine article, the review in the local newspaper, the directory where everyone can locate and learn about you…it’s as a TV documentary – Radio interview…. one stop ‘Show & Tell’. Would creating this tool be worth your spending a bit of time and some of your marketing budget on?

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World.