Forgeron Cellars

We crafted this video to not only sell the romance of wine making, but to brand and distinguish the wine cellar’s owner with some obvious facts.  It was not lost on us that Walla Walla was settled by the French, that the sweet onion it’s famed for is a passion of the French, the soil or terrior in the Columbia Valley, that produces this onion is very much like specific terriors in France that produces those marvellous grapes that makes the fine French Wine it’s known for!

Add to this, that Forgeron is a French word and the use of it is explained in the video. The Vintner is native to France and was classically trained as a wine maker there.  What’s not to like and trust?

This is a Branding Video and it goes the distance to explain and impress on the memory how very different these winemakers are.

This video should have front page placement on their website and should be regarded by their marketing and advertising support as an elegant invitation… a ‘video calling card’ a ‘mini video documentary that introduces the whole package to a prospect.

From the choice of the classical music and the elegance of the voice over narrative, we hugged close to the poetry that is forever present to those who cultivate an interest in the time honoured craft of making wine.

You may find it interesting to view this 60 second video and consider all that it conveys. Then, if you agree with pulished studies which conclude that we do business with those we know, like and trust… ask yourself, do you feel you know more about this Winemaker, the wine & cellar than you did 60 sec ago.  Does the video help to raise the profile of the wine and do you think you can trust that this cellar produces a wine you would enjoy drinking.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a brief thumbnail sketch of the winemaker at Forgeron Cellars in Walla Walla, Washington. Marie-Eve is a native of France and is classically trained in the art of wine making. If red wine is your preferred brew, don’t miss the opportunity to taste their Zinfandel. It’s an all time favorite in their wine club.

Marie-Eve’s husband, Giles, makes wine at Long Shadows. I guess they’re keeping it in the family, must be the way of the French!

Video Production: NewMediaResources, INC /  Voice Over Narrative: