Video Review

Hi Petrushka,

I’m a little self conscious about writing a review of your video work. As you know, I can only write or talk from my experience as I watch and listen to what you have created. I can tell you that whether or not I have had an interest in any of the messages that you are presenting in the videos, I find that I am engaged at a very deep level of interest once I begin to watch. I see you work as art in motion blending beautifully with sound and telling story. After watching each of your videos, I move on throughout my day, remembering images from your work, feeling the stories and hearing the music. Well done Mizz Pea.

Bill Tierney- Broker/ Consultant
Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
Heritage Home Loans, LLC
A division of Mann Mortgage
Spokane, WA 99212
Cell 509.230.5152

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