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Video: ‘The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’

A simple slide show comprised of 12-15 still photographs, some informative text & suitable music or sound design is definitely one of the most cost effective ways to attract customers.

Have a look at the above video and ask yourself this question: ‘If you were shopping for a custom log home, and came across this video, wouldn’t you want to view one of these luxurious smart homes?’  Notice how effective the text that is included is dialed into to what the ‘he shopper’ would want to know as well as what the ‘she shopper’ would want to know.  Don’t want to be accused of sexism, but most Realtors will concur, that if it’s a couple who’s looking to make an investment like this, they will each have a tendency to ask different questions and its usually to do with role divisions / domestic duties.

Okay, that serves the ‘home seeker looking to buy’ – what about the Brokerage, Listing Agent, Realtor – how does a video slide show like this serve them?  Good question so glad you asked it!

  • a Video Slide Show like this sifts thru those ‘looky loos’ and dials is those who are really able to buy a smart house like this;  how much time & money would that save? Hours of talking time, miles of driving time, and dollars of commission saved.
  • that leaves hours, money & miles to earn ‘smart income’ – working smart not hard is the only way to survive the market forces driving us now.
  • when you consider that we posted the ‘awards’ this house garnered, even that eliminates many questions that the would be buyer may have.  Consider it as ‘peer-to-peer’ testimonial.  Its not the contractor or builder or even the real estate sales person who’s taking on bragging rites – it’s a team of people who’ve decided that these properties, when stacked up with all the rest, in the area, took top awards.

Video: ‘The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’

By the way, speaking of bragging rights, when we were given this job order, we were only given photographs… and some descriptions, which were too lengthy to include into a mini property show reel like this…so we distilled and edited he text and we paced it into the stills so that it would be a video slide show that would ‘entertain while it informed’.  Then we took the look and feel of their company brochure and formatted it to work in this video production – not only that, we put in photographs relevant to the show reel we were asked to create.  We also took their static logo and animated it for a bit of class!

Our standard video slide shows begin at $459 and top our at $699.  This one was at the top price and when we really get this up and out into cyberspace, using our SEO tools to optimize it for the internet, they will most definitely sell smart houses and do it without so much hard work.

Call us, and let us help you work smarter and not so hard. We love our work and you will too when you can count the return on this investment.

Video: The Most Cost Effective Marketing Tool In The World’

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